OnePlus Buds Ace Launched | Flash Charge, ANC & IP55

OnePlus has released the latest version of their audio device, called OnePlus Buds Ace. It is the budget version of their famous buds. The price might be low, but it has all the necessary features such as a titanium unit, noise reduction, long battery life, and waterproof rating. The device has been released on 7th February 2023 and will start delivering to the public.

Release Highlights:

  • OnePlus Buds Ace is officially released on 7th February 2023.
  • It has Bass Wave Dynamic Bass.
  • The buds also have dual-core noise reduction.
  • It can last for around 36 hours with fast charging capabilities.
  • The buds are IP55 rating.
  • The buds are priced at 249 yuan ($37).

Design & Appearance

The overall design of the buds is very much similar to N-Buds. The official dimensions are 27.5×21.05×24.4mm for the buds only. As for the charging case, the dimensions are 67.99×28.9×35.5mm. It has a weight of 4.7g, just for the buds. Thus, they feel very lightweight in the ear. Even after long hours of usage, the buds don’t make your ears tired. Also, the grip makes it perfect for all kinds of usage. The weight of the charging case is 37.5g, Making a total weight of around 51.2g.

The OnePlus Buds Ace is available in two colors

  • White
  • Black

Features of OnePlus Buds Ace

The buds come with a 12.4mm titanium-plated dynamic unit for the optimal sound experience. As for the bass, it has a Bass Wave dynamic bass system. Moreover, for users to indulge in the music experience it has a dual-core noise reduction chip. This will filter and stop all unnecessary sounds from coming to the users. Moreover, it has BlueTooth 5.3 for a delay as low as 47ms. The IP55 rating makes sure you can enjoy the device anywhere and anyhow you like.


Battery & Charging

The OnePlus Buds Ace themselves have a battery size of 41mAh and a 480mAh battery capacity case. The buds last around 7 hours without noise cancellation. Whereas, if you turn on ANC, the buds will last for 5 hours. The charging case can provide a battery backup of 27 hours of music playback with ANC turned on. To increase the battery timing to 36 hours, just turn off the ANC.

It also has a flash charge, which basically means charging buds for 10 minutes to provide 5 hours of playback.

Prices & Availability

The OnePlus Buds Ace will soon start delivering to China. Whereas, the global release is yet to be scheduled. 

  • OnePlus Buds Ace is priced at 249 yuan ($37)

Source (Weibo, In Chinese)