OnePlus Concept One Features “Invisible Camera”, An Industry First

OnePlus, today unveiled a video of its first OnePlus Concept One device, which features an industry-first “invisible camera” achieved by using electrochromic glass technology.

OnePlus becomes the first in the industry to explore the applications of electrochromic glass in smartphones. By exploring innovative ways to combine cutting-edge technology and smartphones, OnePlus is again boldly challenging the conventional practices of the industry.

What is Electrochromic Glass?

The electrochromic glass allows users to control the amount of heat or light that passes through the glass at the flick of a switch, giving them the ability to regulate temperatures or create privacy at the flick of a switch.

The glass on the OnePlus Concept One uses organic particles to create various tints in color when subject to an electrical field. When a different voltage is applied, the light transmission properties are altered, allowing the glass to shift back and forth from transparent to translucent. 

Uses Of Electrochromic Glass

The high-end automobile industries currently using this technology to greatly reduce glare, such as on the windows of the Boeing 787s and the McLaren 720s. The OnePlus Concept One is able to maintain a clean and unbroken back cover while simultaneously delivering a premium and modest experience to its users. 

Lauren Goode from the wired share that the device uses a papaya orange leather back, with visible stitching along the edges with a thin spatula of black electrochromic glass running down the center spine. The device features the 48MP main camera with a 16MP ultra-wide-angle setup same as OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren have.

OnePlus will showcase the OnePlus Concept One to media and the general public during CES 2020 in the Palmer 2 showroom at Wynn Las Vegas from 7 to 10 January.

Visitors can also experience the OnePlus Piano performance, In which OnePlus uses the 3D modeling and precision craftsmanship, the piano has been made with 17 individual OnePlus 7T Pro handsets arranged in a line, creating a seamless and smooth keyboard.

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