OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro | In Collaboration with Keychron

It is raining devices from OnePlus, after the release of their new smartphone, buds, and cooling clip. The company has announced OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro made in collaboration with Keychron. It has somewhat the same design language as the Keychron keyboards. The device will go on sale from April 2023.

Release Highlights

  • It has 81 key layouts, hence the name OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro
  • The device has support for RGB lighting effects
  • It has a CNC aluminum alloy casing
  • For connectivity, it has BlueTooth 5.1 and USB-C wired connection
  • The OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro has a massive battery of 4000mAh

More Specifications of the OnePlus Keyboard 81

The device has a very similar design as compared to Keychron keyboards. It has white, grey, and red color keys. That gives a very sleek and modern look to the keyboard. Moreover, the CNC aluminum alloy casing makes the keyboard very premium.

The keyboard has two color options

  • Marble mellow and Summer Breeze
  • PBT and Winter Bonfire

The buttons have tactile axis and are swappable. Not only it makes the clicks very smooth, but also lets users clean the keyboard whenever they like it. Moreover, it also has RGB lighting to make things even better. Users can choose from different modes as they like. The button is shaped as a three-stage mute button like on their phones.



Users can connect the keyboard using two methods. Either by the USB Type C port or Bluetooth 5.1 connection. The modes can be changed easily with just one button. 


It has a large battery capacity of 4000mAh, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out. It can last about 100 hours, which is quite impressive.

What do you think of these new inventions by OnePlus? Would be you looking forward to buying the OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro? Or do you think the company should just stick to making phones?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)