OnePlus TV 55-inch QLED

OnePlus TV Will Have a 55-inch QLED Screen Says OnePlus French VP!

Today, on August 23rd, OnePlus French vice president ‘Akis Evangelidis’ tweeted a TV poster ‘55″QLED’ which indicates that the OnePlus TV uses a 55-inch QLED display.

Compared to OLED TVs, QLEDs have four major advantages:

  1. A wider color gamut display
  2. More precise color control
  3. Longer life
  4. Greater energy efficiency.

OnePlus founder and CEO ‘Liu Zuohu’ stressed that the image display and sound effects will be the top level in the industry, and the design and interactive experience will make it worth the anticipation.

Liu Zuohu said:

OnePlus TV will be a high-end flagship product worth looking forward to, and our goal is to make it a new milestone for smart TV products in the future. I believe that in the future, smart TV will not only become the center of smart home, but also become the social center of family and smart life. With the development and maturity of technologies such as 5G, AI, VR and AR, the future of family smart life will be very different from the present, and we have strong expectations for the future smart lifestyle.

It is reported that OnePlus TV 55-inch will be the first to appear in India in September. Liu Zuohu revealed that Yijia is in close contact with content providers in China, North America, and Europe, and hopes to promote the improvement of content ecology in these markets as soon as possible, with a view to seeing TV in these areas and seeing them as early as possible.

Source (Twitter)