OnePlus TV – OnePlus Confirms Name & Logo For TV Lineup

Today, in the OnePlus forum, the Chinese company finally decides the name and logo for the Television lineup. After a wait of almost a year of posting the upcoming television naming competition in the forum, OnePlus named the sub-brand as ‘OnePlus TV‘.

OnePlus TV is the representative of the Chinese company’s value, vision, and pride. It carries the same “Never Settle” spirit and “burdenless” design philosophy like OnePlus phones.

Considering the name, the logo is pretty simple as well consisting of the 1+ logo along with the two letters ‘TV’. However, the space between the ‘+’ and the letter ‘T’ is 2x the normal logo. The company says that the logo is inspired from classic geometric progression which is a quite popular form of art. Furthermore, the logo represents symmetry and unity.

Oneplus TV logo black OnePlus TV logo vector scale black

OnePlus also teased us that the first product bearing the logo and the name will be born soon.

Source (OnePlus forum)