Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review – Too Comfy for a Budget Price

Extra Inch Padding, RGB Lightning, and Durability is What Makes a Perfect Gaming Headset!

We know the feeling when you get more despite the cheap price tag. Though such gadgets are too rare to see these days. Apart from those crappy ones, there are hidden gems from the Chinese lands, worth of spending a few bucks. Such is the Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset. So what’s so special about this headset. Well, apart from the stupendously low price ($28), the headset serves as one of the most comfortable headphones under the 30 dollars range offering an admirable built and stunning RGB Lightning.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 20

Let’s get into the details and get to know more about this headset in this Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review:

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review – Super Extra Padding Yet Extremely Lightweight

The Unboxing

Starting with the package, the Onikuma K6 rest inside a black colored box. We should say that the boxing experience isn’t that great as the package itself looks like it was a recycled box with some color streaks when reflected in the light.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 1

On the front and the back of the box, we have the headphone figure, specifications on the left, and the cables illustration on the left.

Opening the box, we can see the first impression of the Onikuma K6 gaming headset. The Onikuma K6 embeds inside a black plastic casing and the headband is wrapped as well.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 3
This is the first impression of Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset

When I first looked at these headphones, I thought that these oversized headphones might be heavy. But they weren’t. You can tell that the finishing is spectacular. The manufacturer was generous as well since we have all the essentials in the boxing including:

  • The user manual
  • A TRS Audio plug (already attached)
  • A TRRS Audio plug (already attached)

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 4

With the two audio plugs given, one can easily connect with the old audio jacks (mic and speakers) or the new hybrid TRRS audio jacks as well.

Design & Appearance

Looking at the Onikuma K6, these RGB headphones follow the rugged design of the recent gaming headphones. They are big, have oversized cups, and extra padding. The built material is plastic which is not a bad thing because plastic headphones are much lightweight and put lesser stress on the ears and head then the metal ones. Moreover, having a plastic chassis is totally fine as long as the price is under $30, even $50.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 5

As far as the physical readings are concerned, the headphones occupy a space of 8.6 x 4.2 x 8.9 inches and weigh only 477 grams. The weight is equally distributed on the large frame. Like I previously said, one might get the illusion of heavy headphones just by looking at these headphones, but they are super lightweight considering the size.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 8

The plastic finishing is smooth while the top band appears to be sandblasted. That’s why it has a shiny surface. To be honest, the extra-padding is what I liked the most in this Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset review. I haven’t seen any headphones under $30 offering that much of cushioning. Both earpieces have more than an inch form pads covered with Velour making it comfortable, soft, and skin-friendly. Furthermore, there’s the padding on the band as well.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 11

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 12
The slider is 1-inch and is stainless steel

The headphones can be extended about 2 inches (one inch from both sides). The slider isn’t that smooth and you might expect some irritating sound while doing so. However, there’s the comfort that you can see the stainless steel slider in the band which is enough to answer its durability.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 6

RGB Lightning Performance

First of all, let me clear one thing. Though we have the coolness of RGB lightning, the color of the RGB LEDs isn’t changeable. If you bought one in red the lightning will remain red, for blue, it will remain blue. This is somewhat disappointing.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 19

However, despite having a single color, those LEDs definitely provides a breathtaking view from such a cheap headphone. The turbine design is impressive, underneath which the RGB LEDs glow.

Wearing Experience & Comfort

As previously said, what’s better than providing a lightweight design and extra-padding to a gaming headphone. I have a heart face and was easily able to wear these when extended about an inch. The fitting is perfect, the headphones aren’t either too tight to cause stress or too loose to make that clutter noise in most headphones.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 16

I played PUBG for around two straight hours but didn’t felt any anxiety or stress created from these headphones. My ears were perfect in those pads.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 17

However, the down point was that it was difficult setting the extension of the headphones while wearing it because the slider was tight and had to use both of hands to open or close each slider, creating a lot of noise. However, nothing to complain as long as they are comfortable for long use and are under $30.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 10
The extra padding is slightly more than an inch

Sound Quality

The sound quality is mediocre as you can expect from a cheap headphone. The overall volume of the headphones is medium, not that much that it will start bleeding your ears. Onikuma advertises these headphones to have a nice surroundings effect since we have the stereo effect (not comparable to the dual drivers, 5.1 surround headphones). I tested that in PUBG. The surrounding sound of the steps in the game was clear, however, I got confused at the gunfires sound direction when I set the volume at the highest. A single gunfire was clear and one can tell which direction it came from, but that’s not the case with multiple gunfires. For gaming, these headphones are perfect, since the volume doesn’t bleed your ears and the surrounding effect is exceptional under that price tag.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 15

For the music, you can listen to the songs but don’t expect that high from Onikuma K6. Why? Everything is average here: mid-bass, average volume, average details. There’s no noise cancellation in the headphones but they do decrease some background noise while wearing (since they fit perfectly). I noted that the voice was pretty clear despite everything being mediocre.

Connectivity & Microphone

Moving to the last part of this Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset review, K6 Gaming Headset is a wired headphone. Interestingly, the manufacturer is generous as the wire is almost a meter long, However, if you tend to use it on a laptop close to you, the wire will be touching your feet. While lying down the wire, for sure, tangles. Looking at this, the durability of the wire gets in question. Thankfully, the cable is braided and is robust.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 18

On the cable, one can find the volume wheel along with the microphone button option at the inline-remote which is a plus. However, the negative aspect comes as well. There’s no clip on the remote, you can’t attach the cable with something. This means you will just have to sit wearing headphones and surrounded by a meter cable.

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 13 Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 14

Like the robust gaming headphones, the microphone is located near the left earpiece. It has a dedicated part made of stainless steel which is rotatable to almost 170 degrees and can be turned in any direction. If I have to rate the microphone quality, I will rate it 8 out of 10. Though we don’t have the dual microphone option like in Bluedio T5 the single microphone has a surprisingly clear voice with almost zero noise. It is retractable, rotatable, and effectivity cancels the background noise for a much clear voice. 

Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review 7

Specification Sheet

ModelK6 (Yellow)
TypeOver-ear, Gaming
Dimensions20.00 x 18.00 x 9.00 cm
Weight477 grams
MaterialFrame: Plastic
Slider and Microphone: Metal
CableLength: 1 m
Compatibility: Computer,iPhone,Mobile phone,MP3,PC,PS4,Xbox one
FunctionsAnswering Phone,Microphone,MP3 player,Noise Cancelling,Song Switching,Volume Control
FeaturesSubwoofer,Surround Sound
Sensitivity106 ± 3dB
Sound ChannelTwo-channel (stereo)
RGB LightningOne color effect only: Red, Yellow, Blue, Multi (Black)
Package Contents1 x Pair of Gaming Headsets, 1 x Splitter Cable, 1 x English User Manual

Pros & Cons


  • Extra cushioning on both earpieces and band
  • Great Gaming Built with RGB Lightning
  • Braided, one-meter long cable with two audio plugins options
  • Great surrounding effects
  • Stupendous price tag


  • Average sound quality
  • RGB Lightning limited to only one color effect (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Multi-color)
  • No clip on the in-line remote

The Verdict

Summing up the whole Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset Review, obviously, a budget RGB headphone might have some down points but the highlights overcomes them. This new headphone from Onikuma fulfills a perfectly built gaming headphone design, nice RGB lightning, and most of all the comfy extra cushioning. You simply can’t ask for anything else under $30. Could you? Indeed:

It’s too Comfy for a Budget Price

Price & Availability

If you are interested, you can grab Onikuma K6 Gaming Headset on Gearbest for a price of $27.22. It’s available in Red and Black (Multi-colored) options for now. Here’s the link to the store:

Note: Try selecting a registered post which cost only 2 to 4 dollars extra for a quicker and safer delivery around the world with a trackable code.


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