OPPO Find X 10GB RAM Version AnTuTu Score Leaked – Not Exciting?

A couple of days back, a new version of OPPO Find X passed the MIIT certification by the model name ‘PAFM00’. Interestingly, the new version was equipped with a freaking 10GB RAM and 256GB ROM. Today, we have the leaked OPPO Find X 10GB RAM Version AnTuTu score with us.

OPPO FIND X 8GB RAM Version AnTuTu Score Leaked

The officials said that due to the lack of optimization and processing, the total score is only  271,362 pointsThey believe that the score will increase once the optimizations are done supporting 10 gigs of RAM.

At present, the regular version of OPPO Find X features 8GB of memory, so it’s already too much. Whether 10GB RAM is really necessary or not is worth discussing. In the actual experience, the difference between 8GB and 10GB is estimated to be minimal, such as the difference between 6GB and 8GB RAM.


Find X is the first Chinese smartphone to feature the dual-slider layout. With the hidden camera, the front screen almost eliminates the chin and forehead accounting a screen-to-body ratio up to 93.8%. It uses the same COP packaging process as in Phone X. It is done to achieve an ultra-narrow chin and increase the screen area.

Furthermore, the price of OPPO Find X 10GB RAM Version is what concerns us. The 8GB version was really expensive. How much the 10GB variant will cost? More than 1200 euros, probably. Let’s us know in the comments.

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