Oppo Watch 4 Pro debuts with Special Black Edition

Oppo has released some new watches, and this time there is no simple version. The Oppo Watch 4 Pro has been released with some of the most decent specifications and an affordable price tag. It comes with a 1.91-inch LTPO curved screen, Snapdragon W5+ Hengxuan 2700, 2GB RAM, 32GB built-in storage, 550mAh battery, sports and health modes, and much more. 

Release Highlights 

  • The Oppo Watch 4 Pro comes with Snapdragon W5+ Hengzuan 2700 processor 
  • It has 2GB RAM and 32 GB built-in memory storage
  • The watch has a 1.91 inches LTPO full curved display
  • It has a 550mAh battery that takes 65 minutes to fully charge
  • The watch has health sensors and gaming features

Display & Appearance

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro features a 1.91-inch LTPO full curved flexible screen with a resolution of 378 x 496. It has a minimum of 1Hz refresh rate for smoother user experience. The device has 326ppi and a peak brightness of 1000nit. It has a C-shaped 3D glass cover and a universal curved surface design for added durability. The newly added consonance gesture control and support for global AOD dial display for a better user interface. 


The Oppo Watch 4 Pro has a stainless steel middle frame and ceramic bottom case. It weighs around 52.3g, making it comfortable enough to wear for longer durations. 

Processor & Storage

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro comes with Snapdragon W5+ Hengxuan 2700 and Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 wearable platform processor based on 4nm architecture. It has a 4 x 1.7Ghz Cortex A53 CPU with 1GHz Adreno 702 GPU. 

The watch has 2GB RAM and 32GB built-in memory storage.


The Oppo Watch 4 Pro has a vascular health research function and supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring. It also has 24-hour irregular heart rhythm monitoring, a 60-second physical examination, and new blood sugar testing. The dial widget also supports various functions such as GPS, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, and 5ATM waterproof and runs on the ColorOS Watch 5.0 system. It also has sports modes such as customized tennis mode, new badminton mode, and running posture recognition. 


Battery of the OPPO WATCH 4 PRO

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro comes with a 550mAh battery that only takes 65 minutes to fully charge. It can last up to 14 hours by just charging for 10 minutes. The device can last 5 days of battery life in full smart mode and up to 14 days in light smart mode. It also has UDDE dual-engine hybrid battery life 2.0 for better battery performance. 

Price & Availability 

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro has been released in China and will be soon available in other parts of the world. It also has an Extreme Night Black edition to attract customers. The watch comes in various buying options such as 

  • Extreme Night Black 2299 yuan ($316)
  • Daybreak Brown (leather) 2499 yuan ($344)

The watch seems like a good affordable option for people looking for a smartwatch. Do you think it could beat the Apple Watch?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)