OPPO On-screen Camera Technology

OPPO’s under-display camera technology is coming – OPPO VP Hints!

On June 3rd, OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren showed under-display camera technology.

According to the video released by Shen Yiren, the engineering phone adopts a true full-screen form without bangs, no water drops, and no holes. The front camera is cleverly hidden. When the front camera is turned on, you can preview it on the screen.

There is no doubt that under-display camera technology is one of the development directions of the industry. In the future, the forehead part of the full-screen smartphone will no longer be dragged by the front camera, sensors, and other components. The reason for this is to increase the screen-to-body ratio so that a true full-screen design can be achieved.

Oppo On-screen camera technology

More importantly, with the gradual advancement of the under-display fingerprint recognition technology, if the screen camera solution is completed, then the future smartphone will become a front-end screen only. This will be the introduction of the true full-screen smartphone era.

Unfortunately, Shen Yiren did not announce the mass production and market release of the OPPO on-screen camera technology. We believe that we are very close to the true full-screen era.

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