Figma for web design student

62 Plugins in Figma for Web Designing Students

Figma is a program used by designers to work together on a project. If you’re studying web design you truly know it. By the way, if you have other tasks to do, you can use essay help with EssayAssistant to save some time on something you like to do.

Until a while ago Figma lacked plugins (additional tools) with which you could optimize your work. But that’s how it used to be. Now you can choose the most useful and popular plugins. We will talk about them today.

62 Plugins in Figma Dedicated To Web Designers | Let The Count Begin

Content Reel

The first is a plugin that’s in the top three of usefulness. It covers all content-related needs. You can use it to fill your layout with text data. It contains more than 100 kinds of text, 100 fill options, libraries with Microsoft icons. And if you did not find the data you need, you can upload your text or image.


A plugin for creating a “skeleton” design. Helps you bring your design ideas directly into Figma. With it, you can add any volume of layouts of the same plan, and then use them for your experiments without spending a lot of time creating them.

Figma wireframe


A plugin that visualizes connections between objects. With his help, you can connect the arrow’s pictures, thereby showing the sequence of actions. It is very convenient that in Autoflow when you move the frame are moving arrows. Everything happens automatically.

Figma autoflow

Clay Mockups 3D

The plugin allows you to insert frames in mockups of devices. You can adjust the color, camera angle, and model of the device. To work, you need to put the design in the layout of the device so that it is displayed in the right place (site, portfolio, etc.).

Figma mockups


With its help, you can create original effects that will decorate your project. Actions are already included in the program and you can use them right away. You can use the effects one by one or in combination with others. Morph will save you time.


Image Tracer

Can convert raster to vector, create an exact copy of the image in vector form. It is a great option if you need to quickly remove the background, edit outlines, change color, set the stroke. The plugin is great for creating illustrations, logos, and icons.

Figma image tracker


A plugin for creating bar graphs, line and point charts. Datavizer is indispensable for creating dashboards. If you need an accurate graph, you can download the data using CSV or JSON files. For a demonstration chart that you want to use as a visual representation, the Use random data function is just right.

Figma Datavizer


The plugin puts the selected shape on the selected path, i.e. it reproduces the shape.

Figma Blend

Coda for Figma

This plugin works with Coda, a document creation tool. It is possible to upload data from Gmail, Spotify, Wikipedia, etc.

Figma Coda

Color Kit

The plugin allows you to generate different shades of the color you choose. Whereas previously other programs were used for this purpose, now you can get dozens of shades of a certain color in Figma.

Figma color kit

Design Lint

The module finds missing styles on all layers of the project. Many designers face such a problem when they receive a layout with discrepancies: wrong colors, fonts, etc. Design Lint will solve this problem by automatically removing inconsistencies. At the same time, the plugin takes into account the corrections made by the designer.

design lint figma


An animation tool that will take your project up a notch. You can create advanced animations directly in Figma without resorting to third-party programs. The Figmotion plugin is easy to use. You can make a picture animated with mp4, gif, or export as CSS or JSON.

Table Generator

The plugin automates the addition of various tabular data. A real help to the designer when working with tables. There are style settings for cells.



A simple but functional plugin. It creates isometric layers. It’s simple and easy to use: you choose a layer, run the plugin, specify the angle and the side of rotation.

Isometric Figma


The module organizes elements in the desired grid. In other words, brings order to the interface. A great tool for organizing space. It does not change the design, only systematizes the elements.

Lilgrid Figma

Color Blind

With the plugin, you can look at designs in 8 different types of color vision. Color Blind gives you an idea of how people who are color blind see an image; while noting where perceptual issues may arise. So you can fix colors, add new elements, etc.

Color Blind Figma

GIF Export

The plugin exports a gif from a frame. Handy when your editor doesn’t support gifs. By installing GIF Export animated images can be exported as gifs inside Figma.

Export GIFs Figma

Dot Grid

A good helper for creating nice dot grids. You can transform the grid with different tools: change the fill and stroke color, dimensions, breaks. The plugin will fill the void inside the grid.

Figma Dot Grid

Get Waves

The plugin generates SVG waves, with which you can create your curves and randomize them.

Figma Waves

Map Maker

Map Maker allows you to quickly create a customized map. It currently supports Google Maps and Mapbox. To generate a map of the area, just enter the address in the program with the Maker extension pre-installed.

Figma Map Maker


Another plugin for creating animations. Allows you to export your animation in any way: GIF, frames, sprite 24/60 fps.

Figma Motion

BeatFlyer Lite

The plugin has paid options, but its free version is enough if you use the settings skillfully. BeatFlyer Lite helps you animate an image in a few clicks. Motions can be added in independent layers or combine the desired effects.

Figma Beatflyer

TinyImage Compressor

Using the software module you can export a ZIP file of compressed JPG and PNG images directly from Figma. The image size is reduced to 90% without loss of quality. However, TinyImage Compressor has a limit for free file compression – up to 15 pieces. But advanced designers note the excellent work of the plugin, for which it is not a pity to pay.

Tinyimage compressor Figma


This plugin adds a third dimension to vector objects. With Oblique, you can create three-dimensional complex objects (pseudo 3d, isometry), including text.

Figma Oblique


The app adds spot or halftone filters to an image. Very easy to use a plugin.

Figma halftn

Flipbook Animator GIF

An interesting animation plugin that will enhance any design. Has lots of features including preview, change the animation speed, inversion, export animation to gif.

Figma flipbook animator

Chroma Colors

Creates color styles. To work you need to select an object with a fill and run the plugin. The color styles are created automatically. It is not necessary to search for a certain color, you can simply choose from the offered ones.

Figma chroma

Movie Posters

The module adds a random poster movie, cartoon, TV series, popular today. The plugin will appeal to those who create websites and similar sites on movies.

Figma Movie Posters


A plugin that makes objects “fall” to the bottom of the frame; we get a kind of gravity effect. Thanks to Tumble you can create interesting patterns.

Figma Tumble


This is a plugin for working with text. Recognizes spelling errors in the. There are hundreds of millions of words and ready-made phrases.

Figma Spellchecker


The plugin allows you to create, update, add tracking annotations directly from a Figma file.

Figma Tracking


The module creates mathematical figures, curves, and various elements. With Geometric you can easily create complex patterns, such as spirals, asteroids, trigonometric objects, etc. Mathematical shapes are periodically updated, the developers plan to expand their list.

figma geometric

Able – Friction-free accessibility

The plugin compares the contrast between two layers – minimizes the designer’s time and effort. The application can be left open and used as needed, there is no need to run it every time.

Figma Able

Remove BG

One-click plugin to help remove the background from an image. The fast and accurate work of Remove BG will replace the need to use other programs.

remove bg figma


A plugin allows you to check the contrast of colors during work. You just need to select a layer and Contrast will compare it with the color under the selection. The contrast ratio is determined by WCAG. This is one of the best modules for working with contrast, it uses smart sampling by applying a gradient or image.

Figma Contrast

Tailwind Color Generator

The software module creates a Tailwind-like style palette from the selected color. Usually, this procedure takes a lot of time, but thanks to Tailwind Color Generator most of the work is done automatically. From a single color, the plugin generates 10 shades (including the original color). The resulting colors can be distributed on the styles panel.

Figma Tailwind


This plugin adds SVG emoji. For now, only Twitter Emojis are supported.

figma figmoji

Nisa Text Splitter

Another plugin to help you work with texts and lists. It helps to split them into small fragments (lines, columns, single letters). Keeps the style after splitting text.

Figma Nisa Text Splitter


The Brandfetch plugin saves time searching for a logo. Just provide a link to the site and the logo will be loaded on Figma.

Figma Brandfetch


You can use the plugin to insert a random image into your project or find a specific one. The license allows you to use images for commercial and personal purposes.

unsplash figma

Figma to HTML, CSS, React & more!

This software module helps to convert Figma design into high-quality adaptive HTML, CSS, React, Vue, etc., preserving all colors.


Image Palette

The plugin extracts the five brightest colors from the entire palette of the selected image. It uses a special algorithm, but it can show unusual results: the extracted colors may not match the hex codes in the image. But maybe that is the color you need.

Figma image platte

Batch Styler

When you need to adjust the same style for several projects this plugin will help you out. It changes several text styles at once, sparing the designer the trouble of editing each text.

Batch Styler Figma

Split Shape

The plugin splits text layers, frames, shapes into several components. Useful for those who need to generate data in a certain container. The size is calculated automatically.

Split Shape Figma


The plugin helps you find and select layers in the frame that are similar to the original, suggested by you. The process goes automatically, based on several layer properties. This reduces the work time when you need to make multiple layers. Especially if they are gathered in groups. The plugin works like the “Select All with Same…” function. You can use it to select layers with the same border-radius, or all elements with the same stroke/fill/shadow, etc.

Font Scale

The plugin is suitable for beginners and those designers who are just learning the skills. The tool will help you quickly create a consistent and harmonious hierarchy of typography.

Font scale Figma


The plugin adds random user avatars to the area you specify. The shape can be anything: square, star, circle. The image will appear as a fill-in.

Avatars Figma

QR Code Generator

QR codes are often used in the design. The name of the plugin speaks for itself – it helps to quickly create or insert a vector QR code.

QR Code GeneratorFigma

Change Text

The plugin edits text layers in bulk, finding and replacing words. After launching, two windows appear: the first specifies the word to search for, and the second records the word to which it should be replaced. You press “update” and the words are automatically replaced. The program is suitable for working with several text fields at once.

Change Text Figma

Hidden Kitten

Kittens have been on trend for a long time, and this plugin can insert a random kitten into your project, making it emotional. These cute animals know how to design, running the plugin they will appear in a random place of your chosen frame.

Hidden Kitten figma


Need unique drop shapes or abstract streamlined elements? Blobs will help you create them.

Blobs figma


With this plugin, you can make a dark/light theme.

Appearance figma

Icon Resizer

Makes icons of the same size in a square frame. You need to select one or more frames, then adjust the picture and the size of the frame. Thanks to Icon Resizer there is no need to manually adjust the size of the icons, style everything, align the image to the center. A couple of mouse clicks and you’re done!

Icon Resizer figma

Style Organizer

This is a program module for organizing color styles. With it, you can see every single color on the page and determine if it is related to a style or not. Also, the plugin recognizes unrelated layers and combines them into a single style. After making changes to the design, you need to click “update”, as the plugin does not automatically update.



The Iconify plugin will help to import icons into Figma. It might not work well for some people, but it’s the best free resource. It contains over 40000 different icons from Material-design, Jam Icons, EmojiOne, Twitter Emoji, and other libraries. The import comes in the form of vector shapes.

figma Iconify

Status Annotations

The plugin makes it easy to interact with your team. It helps to quickly display the status of your project.

figma status annotation


This is a kind of notepad for notes. In Notepad, you can make notes and view them as you work on your layouts. Notes are automatically saved and you can see them everywhere you use Figma.

notepad figma


If you need to create charts and graphs, this plugin will help you. It uses random or real data and supports copy-paste from Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets.

charts figma

Find and Replace

The plugin will help to find and replace texts on the page, almost like a text editor. It helps if you have a lot of information.

Find and repalce figma


Your design will be noticeably transformed with the Blush plugin, which adds various illustrations to the layout. It has a large library of ready-made images: choose a collection, then an image, and put it into a layout. Supported formats are PNG and SVG.

Figma blush

Google Sheets Sync

Through the plugin, you can synchronize content from Google Sheets in the file itself. For large amounts of information, such a tool is very helpful, especially when you need up-to-date data. The process is automatic, you don’t need to fill each layer yourself.

Google Sheets Sync Figma


The plugin adds bulleted lists and also creates reusable bullet styles with components. If your layout must contain lists, Bullets is the optimal option.

Figma bullets


Indeed, Figma is an all-in-one cloud-based program that allows unlimited editing and customization for a web designer instead of purchasing and shifting through software and software. Do you think the same? Let us know in the comments.


Are Figma drafts private?

Yes, Figma drafts are private and only accessible to those who you allow.

Are Figma plugins safe?

Yes, Figma plugins are totally safe and they do not contain any malware which can put your data at risk.

Are Figma plugins free?

Yes, Figma most of the plugins are free, however, they do require a sign-up to be used. There’s also a paid version as well which includes premium plugins.

Is Figma project public?

No, Figma project is only visible to those who you allow and share with. It is not open to the public unless you allow it.

Can Figma open sketch files?

Yes, Figma can open sketch files. They have the option to import sketch files

Can figma export to HTML?

Yes, there’s an option in Figma to export to HTML.
1.  Right-click on the canvas
2. Then click on ‘plugin’
3. Finally click on Figma to HTML by pxCode

Can Figma open xd files?

No, Figma can not open xd files directly. Instead, try to convert that Adobe XD file to SVG and then import in Figma.