Xiaomi Mi 9 hands-on image

Poster Reveals Xiaomi Mi 9 Limited Edition With Triple Rear Camera!

Today, it’s official that Xiaomi Mi 9 will release on February 20th. It is said to be the best-looking Xiaomi phone so far. Many officials have also hinted that the camera performance of Xiaomi Mi 9 will reach a new level, even beating Huawei P20 Pro.

Now, Xiaomi officially announced that Wang Yuan in the TFBoys portfolio has officially become the spokesperson of Xiaomi smartphone brand. In the official Xiaomi Mi 9 poster, Wang Yuan directly shows the Xiaomi Mi 9, confirming that it will use the triple camera configuration. Getting in detail, the three cameras and flash are arranged vertically in the upper left corner of the camera. Interestingly the top camera has a green circle surrounding it. It shows that the primary camera is different from the other two.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Limited Edition Poster

Mi 9 will be Xiaomi’s first triple-camera phone, but the configuration is unknown. Maybe a color + black and white + telephoto similar to Huawei P20 Pro, or wide angle + super wide angle + telephoto, or a double shot + TOF 3D.

Furthermore, there is no fingerprint identification module on the back of Xiaomi Mi 9, which obviously supports under-display fingerprint module.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Limited Edition Weibo Post

The Phone in The Poster is Actually Xiaomi Mi 9 Limited Edition

We should note that the phone is the poster is Xiaomi Mi 9 limited edition. It has the green styled Mi 9 case equipped along the name ‘ROY’. Xiaomi officially announced that it will send 100 Wang Yuan limited edition smartphone cases through Weibo. In order to prevent the model from being mismatched, 100 units of Xiaomi Mi 9 will also be given.

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