How To Promote Your Landscaping Business Via Email Marketing

How To Promote Your Landscaping Business Via Email Marketing | 4 Easy Steps

Everyone wants a well-kept lawn but only a few people have the time or effort to keep it. That’s where landscaping businesses help house owners with their landscaping needs. As a landscaping business owner, you likely have a steady work stream. After all, the grass, plants, and the like grow back and need maintenance. However, it can always be better, which is only possible via marketing and promotion.

Thanks to the various technologies available nowadays, there are multiple ways to promote your business. However, one way that often gets overlooked is email marketing. Email marketing is a low-cost promotional strategy with a high investment return. As such, we will be going over ways in which you can use email marketing to promote your landscaping business.

How To Promote Your Landscaping Business Via Email Marketing 1

Educate Users About Your Business

Email marketing is only possible when your customers share their email addresses with you. They actively want to engage with you and learn more about your landscaping business. As such, you must educate your audience about your business and answer any questions they have. This is important to keep in mind as you create your email campaign. To make it easier for you, you can use an email designer service such as PosterMyWall. 

It has an easy-to-ease designer interface and provides hundreds of professionally made templates to give you a headstart. You can use these to create content like newsletters and other publications to inform your audience about your business and services. The more they know about it, the more likely they are to avail the services you are offering.

For example, the design below can be used for a business’s gardening services. It shows a thematic image and gives a summary of the services offered, a call to action button, and information about upcoming events. This is the only way in which you can create your emails. Experiment with the design, see what works best for you, and go from there.

Landscaping Business promotion via email

Offer Deals And Other Promotions

People like receiving more value for the money that they put into something, which means that you want to make your clients feel that they’re getting better value for the money they spend on your services. You can do so easily by offering various deals and offers that they can avail with your services. 

For example, you may offer a 10% discount on a specific service for new customers. You may also offer a similar discount for long-time customers as a loyalty reward. If discounts aren’t feasible, then you may offer alternate promotional deals. Such as a free weekend consultation on landscaping design. As long as the offer creates a sense of exclusivity for your clients, it will work.

Subject Lines That Compel

Before your email is even opened and read, your clients will first look at the subject line. This is a make-or-break moment because the email will likely not be opened if the subject line is not engaging enough. Therefore, you need to send emails with subject lines that compel your clients to open them, read them, and engage with you.

Subject lines such as “Avail 10% off on landscape maintenance” or “Free landscape design consultation this weekend!” can work. These are only examples but you can adapt them to suit your services and offers in a better way. Offer something that compels the audience to open the email, read it, and engage.

Allow Them To Opt Out

The last thing you want your audience to do is to remain there on your mailing list when they don’t want to. This can have the opposite effect and make them resent you. Therefore, allowing your clients to opt out of your mailing list whenever they want is important. 

Doing so will create a sense of goodwill among your audience. Since you didn’t hold them back against their will, they will be more likely to return in the future as well. You can easily add buttons to allow your clients to opt out of your mailing list with PosterMyWall’s many email templates. An unsubscribe button can easily be added to the emails with which people can opt out of your emailing list

There isn’t any rocket science involved when it comes to promoting your business, just simple techniques and strategies that yield results when done correctly. Email marketing is an excellent promotional strategy with a high return on investment. To effectively promote yourself via email marketing, you will need a list of email addresses to which you will send promotional emails. There are multiple ways of collecting these addresses. You can collect them via a signup form on your website and social media, collect them in person when you go do a job, etc. Once you have this list, you may then send out emails as discussed above and promote your landscaping business.