QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots In-Depth Comparison Review

Welcome readers of ThePhoneTalks, today we bring you a triple comparison between 3 different products from the most successful brands of the moment, QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots, so we will talk about their differences as well as their independent capabilities which highlight them as high-quality devices.

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Then we will make a brief but concise analysis of the most relevant features of each device and deduce which are the most superior among them.

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots – Specs Sheet Comparison

Model QCY T3 TWS Apple AirPods Redmi Airdots
Color Black White Black
Recharge Amount 4 times 4 times 3 times
Chipset RTL8763BFR H1 Realtek 8763
Connection distance 10m 6-45m 10m
Time of use 5-6 hours 5 hours 4 hours
Standby time 140 hours 24 hours 150 hours
Airpods capacity  60mAh 93mAh 40mAh
Case capacity 600mAh 398mAh 300mAh
Charging time 2 hours 25 minutes 1.5 hours
Price $35.88 $159 $21.99

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots – Design & Appearance Comparison

All the devices shown have an aspect concept called “True Wireless”, which means that they do not need any type of cable for their operation. In this way, they denote a minimalist, modern and simple design that may well go unnoticed, being ideal to take wherever we want,

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots - Design & Appearance Comparison

Their designs are ergonomic allowing them to fit naturally in the ears, so it is difficult for them to fall once placed. However, when it comes to highlighting their sizes, the ones that far exceed them are the QCY T3 TWS being longer than the others, secondly the Apple Airpods and finally being the smallest and most compact (which is good) are the Redmi Airdots, with a practical and oval design.

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots - Design & Appearance Comparison

Although the QCY and the Redmi are black, unlike the persistent immaculate white in Apple products, it doesn’t matter, since all three are made of ABS silicone, a fairly considered material that causes a pleasant sensation in contact with our skin and that also guarantees us protection against sweat.

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots - Design & Appearance Comparison

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots – Hardware & Features Comparison

Redmi AirDots have many points in their favor, due to a set of special features that are intended to give us a unique experience. Mainly, they incorporate a Realtek 8763 chip that has DSP noise reduction technology, which gives them an admirable sound quality, being essential for making bilateral phone calls enjoying clean and clear audio.

Thanks to the new H1 chip designed by Apple, now the AirPods provide a faster and more stable wireless connection with your devices, you will enjoy a higher quality sound when you are playing or listening to music or a podcast.

The QCY T3 stands out for its RTL8763BFR chip, providing it with high-quality sound, but that is not all its touch interface allows it to slide over the surface of the headphones, with it we can manipulate things like volume or selection of songs. In addition to this, it has an IPX5 waterproof certificate.

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots – Connectivity Comparison

In the connectivity section, it is verified that to be a suitable device of duty they must have a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, which all these wireless devices have. In this way, we can easily connect them to our Smartphone or any device to play music, Podcasts, audiobooks or the audio of our choice.

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots - Connectivity Comparison

Both the Redmi AirDots and the QCY T3 TWS can activate the voice assistant by artificial intelligence (AI) using the integrated microphone. However, the Apple Airpods have the Siri assistant fervently integrated. In this way, we can use our voice to simply answer or make a call, as well as change the song, radio station and much more.

Connectivity Comparison

Setting up the AirPods is quite easy, within 2 to 3 seconds after opened the charger lid, a prompt launched to connect the AirPods. In the case of all devices, it is the same process.

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots – Battery Comparison

Finally, one of the sections of greatest interest for the average consumer, the battery. The Redmi Airdots have a 40 mAh battery which translates into at least 12 hours of operation, apart from their charging base that is 300 mAh, so we can take it anywhere and charge up to 3 times in the same day with a maximum of 2 hours.

In the case of Apple Airpods, they can hold up to 5 hours on a single charge. Besides, they are always ready for the ears thanks to the case, which gives you several additional charges for you to enjoy more than 24 hours of use. Hurry? Put the headphones in the case for 15 minutes and you will have them charged to use them for 3 more hours.

Now, some real beasts, the QCY T3 TWS, have a 600mAh charging case with which it delivers an extra 4 full charges, this characteristic is shared with the Apple Airdots, which falls short in that sense are the Redmi with 3 recharges only.

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots – Sound Quality Comparison

Xiaomi  Redmi AirDots is equipped with 7.2mm sized speaker screen with Realtek 8763 audio processor chip for the warm sound, good depth, clarity and honesty in low-frequency sounds. Also, DSP noise-canceling technology is much better in processing, noise removal, and noise suppression. Therefore, in addition to the vibrant music,  is also suitable for songs with gentle melodies and reliable support for conversations on both headphones.

 Sound Quality Comparison

Apple has placed a special voice accelerometer and dual mics in the rods to ensure your caller can hear you loud and clear. The voice accelerometer detects when you’re speaking, while the dual-mics amplify your voice while eliminating background noise.

On the other hand, the QCY T3 uses 6mm audio drivers, which is known for delivering high-quality stereo audio and deep bass. its CVC6.0 noise-reduction feature ensures digital sound quality, the QCY T3 can also be used for bilateral calls. Moreover, it proportionally splits music into both earbuds for a superior wireless experience.

QCY T3 TWS vs Apple AirPods vs Redmi Airdots – Price Comparison

Now those who defeat our budget, as subtly outlandish as they may look, the Apple Airpods with a price of $ 159. QCY T3 TWS are the cheapest starting from $15. Redmi Airdots compete with the same price for around $15 to $20 USD.

Our Verdict

After long deliberation and thorough review of the capabilities of the three headphones we have concluded that the winners should be the Apple AirPods for their fast recharge time, a distance of use and much more, but deliberately cost $ 159 just for the brand, making them fall before the competition, therefore the true winner of this comparison, is the QCY T3 TWS this is because they have an extended use time, good battery capacity and a 6mm audio drivers, for better audio quality.