QCY T7 vs T9S TWS Earphones Comparison | Specs | Sound

Very recently, we wrote about a particular technology product, and it was about the QCY T5 earbuds released last year, and since its launch, we have seen new wireless headphones on the market. Among them, we have the QCY T7 and QCY T9S, of which we will talk today in this QCY T7 vs T9S TWS earphones comparison.

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – All The Differences You Need To Know!

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Specifications (Specs) Sheet Comparison

Battery380mAh 380mAh
Driver Unit13mm dynamic driver6mm dynamic driver
Working time2 - 3.5 hours4 hours
Charging time1 hour45 minutes - 1 hour and a half
Water resistantIPX4IPX4

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Design & Appearance Comparison

Let’s talk a little about the design and appearance that these have, and it is that when we see them, we can realize that they are completely different, although both are made of plastic. The QCY T7 not only have a partially in-ear design, but also have a white color with a matte finish, while the QCY T9S not only have a full in-ear design, but also have a black color and the same matte finish, plus they also feature three sizes of sport rubbers to put around the earpieces.

In general, the QCY T7 is more recommended for people with slightly smaller ears while the T9S are more recommended for people with larger ears because of the large size of the body together with the wings and the earpieces of the QCY T9S could bother people with small ears.

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS– Comfort & Wearing Experience Comparison

Going on to talk a little about the comfort that these provide, and as mentioned above, these two headphones are made for different ear sizes. The T7 are usually recommended and more used by people with smaller ears, while the T9S are more recommended for people with slightly larger ears. On the other hand, and although these two headphones can be a bit uncomfortable because they are made of plastic, the T9S have a point in favor, and that is that they have tips and sport rubbers that provide the user with the necessary comfort.

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Charging Case Comparison

About the charging case of these two devices, both are made of plastic, they can be charged through a USB type C port, in addition to having an LED light on the front. Outside of that, the only thing that differentiates them is their exterior; the charging case of the QCY T7 is white and squarer in shape, while that of the QCY T9S is black and has a more oval shape.

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Hardware & Performance Comparison

When it comes to hardware, many people would think that some high-end chip made by some popular company is inside these headphones, however, in the QCY T7, there is an AC6932A audio chip, while in the QCY T9S we get with a PAU1603 chip. In general, there is not much knowledge about these chips.

Audio chip:

QCY T7 ….. AC6932A

QCY T9S  ….. PAU1603

With that being said, one of the highlights of these products is the master switch added on each earbud. This means that either of the earbuds will serve as the main earbud and will carry the functions of the main earbud (play, pause, call, forward, etc.).

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Sound Quality Comparison

Speaking of sound quality, the audio quality of these headphones, always compared to the price they cost, is very good. Not so much for the height of the volume, high yes but not much, but also for the cleanliness of the sound: it gives the best of itself with the voices, but also in the highs and the mids everything is good. The bass is distinguished well but they do not predominate; for some, it can be bad, for others it can be good, but let’s say that for the quality/price ratio it is a more than a good job.

QCY T7 has:

  • Better soundstage than T9S
  • Better bass than T9S
  • Better treble than T9S

T9S TWS has:

  • Better clarity than T7
  • Better controlled bass than T7
  • Better details than T7

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Talking / Call Experience Comparison

About the quality and experience of the calls, at the microphone level, both headphones have great quality. Likewise, it is safe to say that both provide a call sound of great quality, clarity, and with sufficient force, so they can be used to speak in both outdoor and indoor environments. Having said that, the QCY T7 might not be heard so clearly when surrounded by a lot of noise.

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Connectivity Comparison

Thanks to the use of Bluetooth 5.0, the connectivity of these two headphones to other devices is of high quality, in addition to is capable of greater stability, battery optimization, and have a faster connection speed. These two earbuds have a range of 10 meters of connectivity and, on top of that, we found that they can be used separately and linked in the same way. Also, they automatically connect after removing them from the box after being paired with another device.

They can present some hiccups in the connection and sound in general.

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Function & Features Comparison

Now let’s discuss the functions and features of these earbuds. In the QCY T7, we have things like:

  • Support for HFP/AVRCP/A2DP protocols
  • IPX4 certification
  • 13mm dynamic driver with ENC
  • In-ear detection

In the QCY T9S, we have these additional features apart from the above-said features:

  • 6mm dynamic driver with ENC
  • Gaming mode
  • APP custom settings
  • Hall Switch

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Battery Life Comparison

Concerning the battery, both the QCY T7 and the QCY T9S have a 380mAh battery. The T7 provides about 2 or 3.5 hours listening on a full charge, while the T9S provides up to 4 hours.

Now, talking about their charging times, it is known that the T7 has a charging time of approximately 1 hour, while the charging time of the T9S can vary between 45 minutes and 1 hour and a half.

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Price Comparison

About prices, these two are the cheapest TWS earphones on the market. The QCY T7 is the cheaper of the two at $18.88, while the QCY T9S is priced a bit higher at $19.78.

QCY T7 vs T9S TWS – Summary

  • QCY T7 are partially in-ear, while the QCY T9S are full in-ear design
  • QCY T7 are the cheapest ones
  • QCY T7 are for slightly smaller ears
  • QCY T9S are for larger ears
  • QCY T7 has better soundstage, bass, and treble than T9S
  • QCT T9S has better clarity, details and controlled bass

We hope you loved this QCY T7 vs T9S TWS comparison. Which one is your favorite TWS earbud? Let us know in the comments.