Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 TWS Comparison 2021 | Sound, Features

Wireless headphones have gained great popularity over the years, so much so that they have become one of the best-selling products worldwide. Due to the high demand for these devices, a large number of them have been launched on the market, as well as the Raycon E25, which today we are going to compare with the Raycon E55 and E100 in this Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 comparison.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 TWS Comparison – All The Differences You Need To Know!

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Specifications (Specs) Sheet Comparison

ModelRaycon E25Raycon E55Raycon E100
Dimensions1.1 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches1.6 x 1 x 1 inches1.5 x 1.1 x 0.8 inches
Weight8.4 grams9.1 grams 6 grams
Waterproof certificationIPX6 IPX4 IPX7
Connectivity range33 ft.33 ft.33 ft.
Battery life6 hours6 hours5 hours
App supportNoNoNo

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Design and Appearance Comparison

Before we talk about the way these three pairs of wireless headphones work, let’s start the Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 comparison by talking a bit about their design. At first glance, we can see that these are very similar since they all have the very useful and popular full in-ear design, which gives them the opportunity to position themselves in a great way inside the ear, avoiding so there are so many problems when the user is on the move.

Although they have the same design, they have different dimensions and weights, since the Raycon E25 has dimensions of 1.1 x 1.2 x 0.6 inch and a weight of 8.4 grams, while the Raycon E55 has dimensions of 1.6 x 1 x 1 inch and a weight of 9.1 grams and the Raycon E100 has dimensions of 1.5 x 1.1 x 0.8 inch and a weight of 6 grams

In addition to that, another difference that these buds have is the IP certification they have, since the Raycon E25 has an IPX6 waterproof certification, while Raycon E55 has an IPX4 waterproof certification and the Raycon E100 has IPX7 waterproof certification. Finally, and to be able to use them in a more comfortable way, these three pairs of earbuds have physical buttons.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Comfort and Wearing Experience Comparison

Now it’s time to talk about the comfort and wearing experience of these earbuds, and there is something very important to clarify. For their part, and although they have different sizes of tips to find the best comfort if any of these pairs are used for a long time they can create pain in the ears, although of course, everything will depend on the user’s ear.

Also, at the level of controls, both pairs of earbuds can be controlled through the use of physical buttons, thus not only simple but also fast. With that being said, they both stay nicely in place when exercising, so they’re good for a variety of activities.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Hardware Comparison

Speaking about the hardware of these three pairs of earbuds, it is known that they all have Airoha chips, although there is no knowledge about which chips are specifically. On the other hand, there is also no information about the size of the dynamic drivers that are inside. Having said that, they all feature Bluetooth 5.0.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Connectivity & Compatibility Comparison

In relation to the connectivity of these two pairs of earbuds, we are going to talk about different aspects. About their max range, these three pairs of earbuds have a maximum connectivity range of 33 ft., plus they can all connect to iOS and Android phones and computers. Also, speaking about how quickly they connect, these three pairs of earbuds connect within 10 seconds.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Sound Comparison

Now moving to the sound quality, we must clarify something that is very important, and that is that we are talking about three pairs of Tws earbuds, which usually reduces the sound quality a bit. When talking about the sound that earbuds are capable of providing, to know which is the best, you have to see the way in which they develop in different areas.

Starting with the treble, the Raycon E100 provides better results, having a well-balanced response throughout the entire range, thus having a clean and pleasant reproduction, while Raycon E25 and E55 have some overemphasis on the bass range that can add a bit of muddiness. On the same note, about their bass accuracy, the Raycon E100 has a good bass performance, while the Raycon E55 and Raycon E25 do not provide such good quality.

With that being said, in relation to mid accuracy, the Raycon E100 is capable of providing very good quality in this category, while the Raycon E55 and Raycon E25 lag a little behind, just like in the soundstage.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – App Comparison

In relation to the applications, until now, neither of these three pairs of earbuds have an application to be controlled or to view their statistics, since they are usually controlled and observed thanks to their touch panels and the LED lights that are incorporated in each one of the earbuds.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Functions & Features Comparison

Now let’s discuss the functions and features of these earphones. In relation to the functions, in all of these earbuds there are functions such as Google Assistant, quick ambient sound, ambient sound, record a voice memo and volume up and down, all activated with touch on the physical button on the earbuds, as well as reject incoming calls when it rings and end them.

On the other hand, talking about the features, in all of these earbuds we have things like a built-in microphone, transparency mode, AAC support, wear detection, NFC, a proximity sensor, and much more.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Microphone & Call Comparison

Moving on to talk about this category in this Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 comparison, these three pairs of earbuds feature built-in microphones. Having said that, when talking about the noise-canceling feature, in the case of the three pairs of earbuds the performance is okay, so it is advisable to use them in quiet places. On the other hand, in relation to how’s the sound on the microphones, the Raycon E55 and E100 are capable of providing a good sound to be Tws earbuds, although the Raycon E25 has a little better performance in this aspect.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Battery Comparison

Now, speaking about their batteries, there is no much information about the capacity of their individual batteries. Likewise, the battery inside of the charging case of these pairs of earbuds has not been specified by their companies. Now, in relation to their charging times and battery life, the Raycon E25 and E55 are fully charged in about 2 hours and have a battery life of 6 hours, while the Raycon E100 is fully charged in about 1.5 hours and has a battery life of 5 hours.

Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 – Price Comparison

Finally, and to finish this Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 comparison, we will talk about the prices of these earbuds. The Raycon E25 has a price of $79, while Raycon E55 is priced at $119.99 and the Raycon E100 has a price of $125 (unavailable at the moment).

The Verdict

Concluding this Raycon E25 vs E55 vs E100 comparison, we have the final verdict. Undoubtedly, these pairs of earbuds have their points in favor and their points against, so the winner of them will depend on the user. Throughout this comparison, we have seen that the Raycon E25 has an IPX6 waterproof certification while the Raycon E55 has the protection of the IPX4 waterproof certification. In addition to that, these two pairs of earbuds are really lighter and come at a low cost.

With that being said, and speaking about Raycon E100, it has more positive points than the pairs of earbuds. Not only do they have a really good maximum connectivity range, but it also has an IPX7 waterproof certification, a better sound performance, great functions, and features, and, in addition, a shorter charging time compared to the other two pairs. Though these upgrades do come at a higher price. But they are worth it.

At last, it really depends on your budget. Moreover, there are also better alternatives to these which are much cheaper for example the Tozo T series, Edifier X series, FIIL T series (T1 Lite the most under-rated earbuds ever), and even the high ends like Samsung Galaxy Buds series.

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