Realme GT Neo5 240W Fast charging

Realme GT Neo5 to Feature Industry-Leading 240W Fast Charging Technology

News Highlights

  • Realme to use 240W fast Charging for the first time on Realme GT Neo5
  • The cable has a double-layer platinum electroplating design
  • The charger is capable of fast-charging tablets, laptops, and other devices
  • The Phone will also include an OLED flexible flat screen, Snapdragon 8+ & a Sony IMX890

Zhenwo, a leading brand in charging technology, held a conference today to announce the launch of their latest development: the industry’s strongest 240W flash charging technology. This technology represents the current peak of the USB-C interface and is expected to set the standard for fast charging until the next generation of interfaces becomes available.

Realme GT Neo5 240W Fast charging

To achieve this impressive level of charging power, Zhenwo has collaborated with other companies to create three key technologies. The first of these is the 240W charging architecture, which has a charging conversion rate of an impressive 98.5%. The second technology is a customized charging cable with a specification of 21AWGx4, the highest in the industry. This cable has a double-layer platinum electroplating design that reduces impedance, allowing for the safe transmission of high-current and high-power.

Realme GT Neo5 Charging cable

The third technology is the world’s first 240W dual GaN mini charger, which boasts the highest power density in the industry at 2.34W/CC. This charger is compatible with a variety of protocols, including 240W SuperVOOC, 65W PD, QC, and VOOC, and is capable of fast charging for tablets, laptops, and other devices. It is worth noting that this charger is also more efficient than its predecessor, with a volume increase of only 5% but a power increase of 60%.

Realme GT Neo5 charging architecture

Realme GT Neo5 will be equipped with this technology for the first time. In addition to this impressive feature, the Realme GT Neo5 is also expected to include an OLED flexible flat screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform, and a Sony IMX890 rear main camera with OIS optical image stabilization.

Realme GT Neo5 240W Fast charging Highlights

Zhenwo has also emphasized the durability of the battery in the Realme GT Neo5. The company has stated that the battery will have an effective capacity of at least 80% after 1600 complete charging cycles, giving users confidence in the long-term reliability of their device. The Realme GT Neo5 is expected to debut in February, giving consumers the opportunity to experience the benefits of this cutting-edge charging technology firsthand.

Realme GT Neo5 Highlight

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