Redmi K20 To Feature Dual Frequency GPS and an iPhone XS NFC

Today, @Redmi smartphones on Weibo officially said that Redmi K20 will feature a Dual Frequency GPS. Moreover, K20 will be the first from the Redmi family to integrate it.

Dual GPS is one of the major innovations of Xiaomi’s previous generation known as Xiaomi Mi 8. The Mi 8 was the world’s first phone to use the dual-frequency dual-channel GPS super-precision positioning technology.

Redmi K20 Dual GPS

How The Dual Frequency GPS Works on Redmi K20?

In the open environment, the GPS deviation mainly comes from the delay generated by the signal passing through the ionosphere. The K20 will adopt the L1+L5 dual-frequency dual-channel positioning, which can effectively correct the ionospheric delay. The theoretical ranging error of the L1 band is 300 meters, and for L5 band it’s 30 meters. L5 is 10 times more accurate than the L1 band, which effectively solves the reflection interference of urban buildings.

In addition to dual-frequency GPS, another poster says that Redmi K20 will also equip the same NFC chip as of iPhone XS (NXP’s latest generation SN100 series chip, the transaction speed is 30% higher than the previous generation).

Redmi K20 NFC iPhone XS

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