Redmi K20 Opens Pre-sale Today in China – Six Main Highlights

On May 24th, Xiaomi’s official website announced that the Redmi K20 series will open the 100 yuan deposit pre-sale at 10:00 this morning (the payment will be paid at 18:00 on May 28). The price of the flagship has not been announced yet. Previously, Pan Jiutang said that the Redmi K20 is one of the best choices for the price range of 2000-4000 yuan (289 USD to 579 USD).

Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group and general manager of Redmi brand, stressed that Redmi is going to declare war on all unreasonable pricing smartphones. He said:

We are not willing to make profits with asymmetric information, and we do not want users to bear the cost of long circulation. More fantastic products, better quality, more generous prices, user’s profit is Redmi’s profit.

However, according to the official information given on the website, the Redmi K20 series has six main highlights:

  1. Snapdragon 855 SoC
  2. Sony 48 MP ultra clear camera
  3. Pop-up front camera
  4. 4000mAh long battery life
  5. 7th generation in-screen fingerprint module
  6. Game Turbo 2.0

Redmi K20 pre-sale poster

Previously, K20’s Antutu score was leaked showing a score up to 458,754 points. As a comparison, the currently optimized Snapdragon 855 flagship score is only 370,000 points. Moreover, Game Turbo 2.0 will also make this a gaming phone. However, Lu Weibing said that K20 isn’t a gaming phone but a  simply the all-powerful flagship.

Let’s see what will be the price of the flagship as there are only four days left till its release on May 28.

Source ( China)