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Redmi K50 Leaks | Everything You Need To Know

China's Most Anticipated Flagship Series!

Highlights According To Redmi K50 Leaks

  • Redmi K50 release date: March 17, 2022
  • Two variants Redmi K50 and Redmi K50 Pro
  • Teaser reveals Redmi K50 featuring 5000mAh battery capacity + 120W wireless charging
  • MediaTek Dimensity 9000 and Dimesnity 8100 will be powering the flagship
  • A 2K WQHD AMOLED Samsung E4 Display will be another selling point of the phone
  • The series will debut Bluetooth 5.3 and LC3 audio

Redmi K50 series will be released tomorrow. The series has become literally the most anticipated phone in the history of Xiaomi with almost 700,000 reservations made on online Chinese stores. So, what made these 700,000 people reserve? Let’s find out in these Redmi K50 leaks, highlighting every official and unofficial leak and teasers of the upcoming flagship:

Redmi K50 Leaks – The Best Highlights of The Series

1) Meet Redmi’s First 2K AMOLED Phone

Honestly, this is to be the biggest highlight of the Redmi K50 series. Redmi, for the first time, will be using a 2K resolution (1,440 x 3,200 px) display with a pixel density of 524 PPI inside a phone. This isn’t any ordinary display but instead Samsung’s best E4 AMOLED panel. We are not sure if this will be exclusive to the Pro version or not. Anyways, other Redmi K50 display-related features include support for ambient color temperature, DC dimming, Gorilla Glass Victus Protection, and 16,000-level automatic brightness adjustment. Moreover, the display has already been tested by DisplayMate and given an A+ rating which is the highest grade given to a phone (for matching 16 refreshed screen records).

2) The Debut of MediaTek 9000 & 8100 (a stronger and much power-efficient Snapdragon Gen8)

Redmi K50 Pro will be debuting MediaTek 9000 SoC based on the latest 4nm process while the standard variant will feature Dimensity 8100 based on TSMC’s 5nm process.

Among them, Dimensity 8100 consists of 4 x Cortex A78 large cores @2.85GHz and 4 x Cortex A55 power-efficient cores @2.0GHz. The GPU is a 6 core Mali-G610 MC6.

Dimensity 8100 AnTuTu score (expected): 820,000+ (10,000 more than Snapdragon Gen8)

Meanwhile, the real show-stealer will be the Dimensity 9000 consisting of 1 x Cortex-X2 super core, 3 x Cortex-A710 large cores, and 4 x Cortex-A510 small cores. The GPU is ARM Mali-G710.

Dimensity 9000 AnTuTu score (expected): 1,000,000+ (190,000 more than Snapdragon Gen8).

Redmi K50 leaks - Dimensity 9000 AnTuTu score

According to the information released by Redmi, the K50 series Dimensity 9000 version has a stable frame rate of 59FPS during the one-hour test of Genshin Impact, almost 60 fps on high graphics, while the body temperature is only 46℃ while competing products generally exceed 50 FPS.

Redmi K50 leaks - SoC Dimensity 9000 Genshin Impact 60 fps

Moreover, learning from Snapdragon Gen8, the Redmi K50 series will also be specially equipped with a super large VC cooling system, using a new generation of stainless steel VC with the same material as the Redmi K50 e-sports version, with an area of ​​3950m2. The mainboard coverage area is 72%, and it also uses a T-shaped VC.

Redmi K50 leaks - cooling systme

3) Charging a 5000mAh Battery From 0% to 100% in 19 minutes With 120W Super Fast Charging

According to Redmi, the Redmi K50 has a super-capacity battery. The 5000mAh battery is more than 10% higher than the common 4200-4500mAh battery. The thickness is controlled at 8.48mm.

In terms of fast charging, the Redmi K50 has achieved 120W fast charging which can charge Redmi K50 from 0% to 100% in 19 minutes.

Redmi K50 leaks - 19 minute charging speed 100%

In order to improve fast charging and reduce heat generation, Redmi K50 also uses Xiaomi’s self-developed fast charging chip called Pengpai P1. This is the industry’s first resonant charging chip. The energy efficiency is as high as 97.5%, the non-resonant energy efficiency is 96.8%, and the heat loss decreases by 30%.

At the same time, the Pengpai P1 is also Xiaomi’s 4:1 charging chip with the highest charging efficiency, which can achieve an ultra-high power density of 0.83W/mm², and LDMOS also achieves an industry-leading ultra-low 1.18mΩmm² RSP.

4) Bluetooth 5.3, LC3 Audio, Dolby Atmos, WiFi 6 & More

It is said that small features also make a flagship. This can be said for the Redmi K50 series as well. The phone will be one of the fastest Redmi phones using the Bluetooth 5.3 module. The latest Bluetooth 5.3 module was released on July 13, 2021. It improves the periodic broadcast, connection update, and channel classification in Bluetooth Low Energy. Through the improvement of these functions, the communication efficiency of Bluetooth Low Energy is further improved, reducing power consumption and improves wireless coexistence for Bluetooth devices.

Redmi K50 leaks - bluetooth 5.3

In Bluetooth 5.3, the audio standard has also been upgraded to LE Audio, which uses a new high-quality, low-power audio LC3 decoder, supporting multiple streaming audio, and broadcast audio technology. To put this in simple words, expect quality sound, lower power consumption, and super low latency. This decoder is only exclusive to MediaTek 8100 and 9000 SoC, even Apple A14 and Snapdragon Gen8 don’t feature this.

According to the previous Redmi K50 leaks, the K50 supports 160MHz WiFi 6, which is double the speed of 80MHz. Moreover, the new separate design of Bluetooth and WiFi does not interfere with each other. This means that you don’t have to worry about network lags while playing with a Bluetooth headset.

Redmi K50 leaks - Wifi 6

In terms of sound quality, the K50 series will equip with high-quality stereo dual speakers, which claim to allow both ears to feel the shocking sense of sound. It also supports Dolby Atmos for a high-end immersive sound experience. Hi-Res double gold certification brings excellent sound quality.

Redmi K50 leaks - Dolby Atmos

The new Redmi K50w will integrate dual-frequency GPS, NFC, infrared remote control, and X-axis motor. This, in fact, is the Redmi flagship with the most features.

5) Plastic Rear But Still Brilliantly Design

Judging from the poster from Redmi K50 leaks below, Redmi K50 will feature a triangular triple rear camera arrangement, where the primary lens is 108MP. Xiaomi calls this a super-integrated camera Deco star track design + super black lens. The side curves are round providing a good grip.

Redmi K50 leaks - poster release date

Redmi K50 series will have three color options as follow inspired from the ‘Cosmos’:

  • Feather ink
  • Silver Trace
  • Yunmang

The K50 ink feather color variant uses the 1/400 nanometer precision lithography technology as thin as a hair and cooperates with 3D modeling to show a rich three-dimensional layering in the plane.

Redmi K50 leaks - design

However, it should be noted that the previous generation K40 came standard with a plastic frame for the sake of being thin and light, which became the only regret, and this generation will also use plastic from the frame.

6) 108MP triple rear camera With OIS

Update (3/16/22): Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO confirmed that the Redmi K50 series will be featuring an OIS (optical image stabilization) sensor on the primary 108MP camera lens.

At the same time, the Dimensity 9000 Imagiq 790 image processor + APU 590 greatly improves the image processing speed and AI computing power. The 2X snapshot speed is increased by 58%, the 1X snapshot speed is increased by 30%, and the 0.6X snapshot speed is increased by 31%.

Redmi K50 will be released tomorrow, let’s see what more surprises does the flagship brings. Will it be similar to its Redmi K50 leaks? We will find that soon.