Redmi Note 12 Pro

Redmi Note 12 Pro Camera Sample Are Here | Best for Portraits

Today, Redmi announced that the upcoming Note 12 Pro series will be equipped with a film “Camera” based on film point-to-point modeling, and released the first eight photo samples.

With the improvement of imaging technology, the color accuracy of photos is getting higher and the image quality is getting better, but there are always people who have been exposed to film photography and feel that such photos “don’t have that taste anymore”.

The first eight samples were released, and by today’s standards of computational photography, the eight samples had a number of problems, such as noticeable noise and bright white areas.

However, in terms of overall look and feel, these photos have restored the unique texture of old photos in the film era. If the watermarked mobile phone model, time, and other information are hidden, it is not surprising that it is an old photo that has been through the vicissitudes of life.

It is reported that in response to the different photography needs of users, Redmi has launched five different film styles this time.

  1. For documentaries, use “Legendary film” which has rich retro tones, like a narrator of the times, giving photos a sense of the event.
  2. For storytelling, “Movie film” is used, and the color latitude is extremely high. Every photo is like a movie monologue.
  3. When shooting humanities, use “HP black and white film”, with black and white tones, and rough and sharp particles, and focus on the state of the characters with a very tense vision.
  4. When shooting portraits, use “Sunlight Film“, which is full of literary and artistic sense, low color saturation, and better skin color throughout the day.
  5. For street scenes, use “Classic Color Negative Film“, which has excellent color reproduction and high latitude, and is suitable for recording natural and travel scenes.

These five films have different styles, but they all restore the texture of film photos very well, and they have the “smell” of old photos.

Source ( My drivers, in Chinese )