Redmi Note 7 4GB+128GB Featured

Redmi Note 7 4GB+128GB Version Leaked on TENAA

Today, Xiaojun, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi Technology, conducted a poll on Weibo. It was stated: “Which storage and memory combination you like the most?”. This indicates that Xiaomi might release a new version of Redmi Note 7. More specifically, the Redmi Note 7 4GB+128GB Version.

At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website record shows that the Redmi Note 7 4GB+128GB version has passed the network access license.

Redmi Note 7 4GB+128GB Version TENAA

It is worth noting that “4 + 128GB” is not the most popular version of the vote initiated by Lei Jun. On the contrary, the “6 + 128GB” and “6 + 64GB” versions have higher votes. Among these two, the “6 + 128GB” version has a vote rate of more than 50% and is the most popular version.

Lei Jun particularly emphasized that:

The result of voting will affect my judgment

So it is not excluded that Redmi Note 7 will be followed by “4 + 128GB” and “6 + 128GB” versions.

At present, Redmi Note 7 has been sold out in two rounds this week. The official website shows that the next round of sale is 10:00 on January 22. So, will we witness a new version in that sale? Let’s wait and watch.

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