Redmi Note 8 Pro Fritillaria New Color

Redmi Note 8 Pro Will Have A 91.4% Screen-To-Body Ratio

Yesterday, Lu Weibing, the vice president of Xiaomi Group and the general manager of Redmi brand posted an image. In the image, he compared the screen-to-body ratio of Redmi Note 8 Pro with Honor 9X Pro. He said:

Why is the Redmi Note 8 Pro screen is so large?

It is reported that the Redmi Note 8 Pro adopts a water-drop notch and the screen-to-body ratio has reached 91.4%.

Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Honor 9X Pro Screen-To-Body Ratio

Lu Weibing emphasized that the screen ratio of Note 8 Pro has achieved the same level as the full-screen smartphones. How? Because the Note 8 Pro uses the latest COF packaging process. It may be the best LTPS screen at the moment, and the width of the bottom border is reduced to 4.2mm.

At the same time, the engineers also optimized the antenna and structure design, so that the upper and left and right borders are only 2.05mm and 1.80mm. For comparison, the width of the lower/upper/left and right borders of the phone are 4.39 mm, 2.26 mm, and 1.81 mm, respectively.

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