Redmi Projector Pro Version

Redmi Projector Is The Company’s First Projector Sold Under $150

On October 27, Redmi released its first projector, including the suggested retail price of the standard version of 1399 yuan, the starting price of 999 yuan, the suggested retail price of the Pro version of 1599 yuan, and the starting price of 1299 yuan (send 199 storage bag), which will be released in October On the 31st at 20:00, all channels will be available for sale.

The Redmi projector is positioned as a “$1,000 smart projector” and “the first smart projector for young people”.

The standard version has a black and white color scheme, while the Pro version has an all-black body design and the three dimensions are identical, with a length, width, and height of 129.5x117x179.4mm respectively.

Redmi Projector Pro Version

The Pro version is upgraded from 8GB to 16GB storage and has unique features such as omnidirectional auto-correction, auto-focus, auto-avoidance, screen alignment, and far-field voice.

Redmi Projector Standard Version

The Redmi projector series has obtained the SGS international standard effective luminous flux certification. The brightness of the whole series of products is not false, and the real brightness is 150ANSI, which can meet the needs of users to watch in a dark environment or at night.

The Redmi projector adopts 1080P physical resolution and a 1.2:1 transmittance ratio, which can easily project a 40-inch-100-inch screen (the projection distance is about 107cm-267cm), and the maximum can be 120 inches.

The whole machine is newly designed with a heat sink system, and according to the results of continuous aging experiments, the life of the whole machine can reach 15,000 hours, so you can watch 2 movies a day and watch with confidence for 10 years.

In terms of performance, the Redmi projector launched the world’s first Amlogic T950D4 quad-core CPU chip platform with the main frequency of up to 1.9GHz. It has strong performance and is equipped with a perception module and a variety of image adaptive algorithms, 11th generation image quality enhancement engine, and HSL accurate color. Adjust and easily create a new experience of smart viewing.

Redmi Projector Pro Version Remote Control

Built-in dual speakers, richer sound level space, and three-dimensional immersive listening. The sensory module integrates a far-field sound pickup microphone, with a noise-resistant voice recognition algorithm, If you want to watch a movie, you can ask Xiao Ai to help you, and completely free your hands.

The Redmi projector series is now connected to the Xiaomi smart ecosystem and can be interconnected with more Mijia smart devices, linking smart lamps, curtains, and other devices in the home with the projector, automatically turning off the lights and curtains after the movie viewing mode is turned on, and enjoying immersion Cinematic atmosphere.

Redmi Projector Standard Version Highlights
Redmi Projector Pro Version Highlights

Image credit – Mydrivers