Redmi router AX5400 - front

Redmi Router AX5400 Released | 4×4 160MHz Under $60

Yesterday, on the evening of March 17, Redmi added another product to its Wifi 6 routers lineup. This time its Redmi router AX5400, a similar version of the Redmi AX6 but with 4×4 160MHz and 4K QAM.

Redmi router AX5400 - logo

Redmi Router AX5400 Released | Finally 4×4 160MHz + 4KQAM Under $60

Redmi Router AX5400 – Design & Appearance

Redmi router AX5400 is the same as Redmi AX6. This means that it still follows the compact traditional rectangular plastic design with lots of ventilation from the bottom and the top.

The six antenna design is still present, however, the antenna distribution has been changed to four 5G antennas and two 2.4G antennas.

Redmi router AX5400 - top

The six antennas support both rotation and angular positioning as well.

On the front left, we have two LEDs indicating network and power status. On the front right side, the model name is written along with one of its highlights which is 4K QAM.

On the rear, we have one WAN port and three LAN ports. Sadly, unlike its older brother Redmi Router AX5400 Gaming Edition released last month, this one doesn’t have a 2.4G gigabit ethernet.

Redmi router AX5400 - ports

A wall mount is also present at the back to hang Redmi router AX5400 on the wall.

Redmi router AX5400 - rear holder

Redmi Router AX5400 – Speed & Bandwidth

Redmi router AX5400 has a total speed of 5378 Mbps, almost equal to 5400 Mbps. In comparison, it is 600Mbps less than an AIoT antenna compared to the AX6000. Getting into details, we have 4×4 MU-MIMO on 5G 160MHz with a speed of 4804 Mbps while for 2.4G it is 2×2 40MHz with a speed of 574Mbps.

MU-MIMO4×4 2×2
Speed4804 Mbps574 Mbps

Redmi Router AX5400 – Hardware & Connectivity

Redmi Router AX5400 adopts Qualcomm 3-core SoC with dual-core 64-bit CPU running at 1.0GHz + single-core NPU @1.0GHz. It’s literally the same as Redmi Router AX6000. The NPU core can greatly improve packet forwarding efficiency (up 80%) and reduce CPU usage.

The RAM has been increased to a surprising 512MB, allowing 248 devices to connect at the same time with stability. 6 independent external signal amplifiers, 4 at 5GHz + 2 at 2.4GHz.

The Redmi router AX5400 supports Mesh networking with other Xiaomi Wi-Fi 6 routers and can network with up to 10 devices. Interestingly, when the network changes, it will automatically re-network, and the device will automatically switch to a better network when surfing the Internet.

Redmi Router AX5400 – Pricing

Redmi router AX5400 is selling in China for a price of 379 yuan (60 USD). Soon it will be available for global purchase on platforms like Aliexpress and Banggood. Obviously, the price will be slightly higher than its price in China.