ROG Gaming Phone Snapdragon 855 Plus

Here are some Hands-on Images of ROG Gaming Phone 2 Leaked

Today, a Weibo user @数码 exposed the real hands-on images of ROG gaming phone 2.

Looking at the hands-on images leaked, ROG gaming phone 2 continues the design of the previous generation. There’s a symmetrical full-screen design with no wide notch or waterdrop. The top and bottom are equipped with speakers. The previous generation also had a stereo speakers design.

ROG Gaming Phone 2 Hands-On LEaked

In addition, ROG Gaming Phone 2 also uses a refresh rate screen up to 120Hz, which is the highest refresh rate smartphone screen to date. According to the information provided by @数码闲聊站, ROG gaming phone 2 has 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz three-speed refresh rate.

More importantly, it will be the first phone to feature Snapdragon 855+ (7nm process). The previous generation ROG Phone launched the overclocking version of the Snapdragon 845 (clocked up to 2.96GHz). SD 855 Plus has an overclocked high core and overclocked GPU.

The phone will release on July 23. Let’s see how good the SD 855+ performs.

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