Royole Flexpai Featured

Royole Flexpai – The first flexible Smartphone released on the market!

We knew that eventually, it would happen. Samsung had already announced the launch of a Smartphone with these features in the coming months. However, the wait is over before time. The Chinese company Royole has gone ahead and has released the Royole Flexpai, the world’s first folding smartphone. Join us to know what will surely be the start of a new telephony race: flexible screens.

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Royole Flexpai – The flexible revolution has arrived

The release of Royole Flexpai represents a new starting point. The Royole’s President, Bill Liu, has declared that they are proud to show what has taken them more than 6 years of development. Not only is the screen flexible, but it is also as thin and light as any Smartphone.

Royole Flexpai folded

In addition to the complex development of the screen, the company has also had to devise a system of hinges to give the point of flexion to the terminal. This, according to company numbers, can be folded up to 200,000 times before any damage is seen on the screen, which is about 5 years if we fold it the exaggerated amount of 100 times a day.

Royole Flexpai

One of the qualities of the Royole Flexpai is that being foldable, it can be used with two screen configurations (3 if we count that folded, it has 2 sides of use). When extended, we are faced with a 7.8-inch OLED panel of 1920x1440p and a 4:3 aspect ratio. When the terminal is folded, one of the halves becomes of an 18:9 ratio, while the other half is 16:9.

Royole Flexpai screen

The cell phone is built in plastic, a material used with the purpose of giving more resistance to the screen. An important aspect of the construction is that the Royole Flexpai only has a bezel on the front, and in it is located the two cameras of 16.0MP + 20.0MP with a f/1.8 focal aperture.

Royole Flexpai Built

Having already mentioned its design and construction, let’s turn to more technical data. The terminal is not far behind in power, as it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor that reaches speeds of up to 2.8GHz, and the RAM memory can vary between 6GB and 8GB. The internal storage has not been specified at all, but some rumors indicate that it could reach up to 512GB. The terminal’s battery has a 3800mAh capacity and has Ro-Charge technology for fast recharging. All ports have been simplified in the USB type C port and accept up to 4G bands.

Royole Flexpai hinge

Royole Flexpai – Price & Availability

The Royole Flexpai is in pre-sale in China for a value of 8,999 Yuan, which is equivalent to approximately $1,290. In addition, it is also available for the United States (in its developer version) at a price of $1,318. The first units would be dispatched in December, and an arrival to other future markets is expected.