Samsung Exynos 850 Released | Specs | Features | AnTuTu Scores

Yesterday, on May 31, Samsung quietly released the Exynos 850 in Samsung Galaxy A21 phone. Here are the specs, features, and AnTuTu scores of Exynos 850.

Samsung Exynos 850 – Specification Sheet

SoC Exynos 850
Process 8nm LPP FinFET (Samsung)
CPU 8 x Cortex A55 (2.0GHz)
GPU Mali-G52
AI None
Camera 21.7MP single camera

16MP + 5MP dual camera

Video: 1080p 60fps video recording, HEVC / h.265 encoding

Connectivity 5G: No

4G: Yes (Cat.13 UL, Cat.7 DL)

Upload: 150 Mbps

Download: 300 MBps

Other Features LPDDR4X RAM, eMMC 5.1 Storage, Cat.7 LTE, 1080p display support
AnTuTu Score 117,341 points
First phone Samsung Galaxy A21 (200 euros)

Samsung Exynos 850 – Process

The new Exynos 850 features an 8nm LPP FinFET process by Samsung. It’s the same process used in the high-end Exynos 9820.

Samsung Exynos 850 – CPU

The SoC has an octa-core design and a seemingly odd core distribution which is a single cluster of eight energy-efficient Cortex A55 running @2.0GHz. Sadly, there’s no high-performance Cortex A76. So, we can expect that this SoC is made for the budget-friendly energy efficient phones, but let’s hope that the Cortex A55 might not limit the performance at high-performance demanding scenarios.

Samsung Exynos 850 – GPU

The GPU of the 850 is ARM Mali G52. The cores haven’t been specified but we believe it is the MP6 version with 6 cores. The frequency of the cores is also unknown. Since this SoC is in the low-end category, one can expect to run entry-level and mid-performance demanding games at the lowest settings.

Samsung Exynos 850 – AI

Samsung Exynos 850 doesn’t have a dedicated NPU. Though Ai camera features still exist.

Samsung Exynos 850 – Connectivity & Features

The SoC doesn’t support 5G networking but instead supports 4G networking with Cat 13 UL (150 Mbps) and Cat 7 DL (300 Mbps).

It also supports LPDDR4X RAM, eMMC 5.1 Storage, Cat.7 LTE, 1080p display, etc.

Samsung Exynos 850 – Camera Support

In terms of imaging, Exynos 850 supports 1080p 60fps video recording, and 21.7MP rear single camera or 16MP + 5MP dual camera, and also supports HEVC / h.265 encoding.

Samsung Exynos 850 – AnTuTu Score

The rumored AnTuTu score of Exynos 850 on Samsung A21 is around 117,341 points.

Samsung Exynos 850 – Price

Since this is Exynos we are talking about, this SoC will be limited to Samsung phones only. The first phone to use it is Samsung Galaxy A21 and is priced 200 euros. This categorized the phone in low-end category.

Samsung Galaxy A21

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