Samsung Galaxy S23 Prices Announced | Cheaper than Pioneer

Release Highlights

The audience has well-received Samsung S23 series. The phone doesn’t have many changes on the outside. However, there are some great changes inside the phone. It is the first phone with a 3.36Ghz Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor made for the Galaxy. The company has released the official pricing of the phones.

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

The three phones have Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, clocked at 3.36Ghz. It is a custom-made chipset for the series for optimal user experience. They also have LPDDR5X and UFS4.0 flash memory. This makes the devices future-proof and a good investment for consumers. The screens will have adaptive refresh rates up to 120Hz (48 – 120Hz).


Pricing & Availability

The Samsung S23 price has been slightly lower than the previous year to make it more affordable. The base model, Samsung S23, will be released in three different variants.

  • 8 + 128GB is priced at 5,199 yuan ($760)
  • 8 + 256GB is priced at 5,699 yuan ($830)
  • 8 + 512GB is priced at 6,499 yuan ($950)

As for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, there are only two variants for users to choose from

  • 8 + 256GB is priced at 6,999 yuan ($1025)
  • 8 + 512GB is priced at 7,999 yuan ($1200)

The Ultra model has the most options for users.

  • 8 + 256GB is priced at 8,999 yuan ($1300)
  • 12 + 256GB is priced at 9,699 yuan ($1420)
  • 12 + 512GB is priced at 10,699 yuan ($1500)
  • 12 + 1TB is priced at 12,699 yuan ($1860)

What do you think of the Samsung S23 price? Do you think the price justifies the phone’s performance?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)