Samsung Smart Things Station Debuts | 15W Wireless Charging

Release Highlights:

  • The base station of Smart Things Station will have 15W wireless charging.
  • It has various smart buttons to control smart devices at home.
  • It can find and search for mobile phones and perform different functions.
  • It will be available in the market from the next month.

Today, Samsung has finally launched the new Smart Things station device. The smart home base solution has a base station that supports 15W wireless charging and is equipped with smart buttons. Samsung has been working hard in the field of smart home devices and this is their latest step.


More Specifications of the Samsung Smart Things Station

The new smart device will have a base will 15W fast wireless charging. It has many different smart buttons all over it. Users can use them by short pressing, long pressing, and double-clicking to perform various tasks. It can help you find mobile phones through the device and many other useful functions

The release has been announced and the Samsung Smart Things Station will available in the US and South Korea next month.

Are you looking forward to making your house smarter with this new addition to smart home devices?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)