Highs and Lows of Securing Love via Social Media

Highs and Lows of Securing Love via Social Media

Everything has its ups and downs, its advantages and disadvantages, and the internet is no different. Where the World Wide Web is concerned, matters of the heart become very sensitive topics. It is over the internet that we shop, communicate, share, and research everything. When we decided to move from physical meetups to the internet, a lot changed.

Local and international dating has changed for the better with the internet being easily and readily available. This availability of the web facilitates relationships faster too. Here is the thing. Hookups and flings are vastly different from long-term, marriage commitments. When searching for love over the web, there are pros and cons worth noting.

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Online Dating Apps

Before jumping onto dating apps, research is necessary. But before entering into this world, some folks use social media to secure love. This might include Instagram, Facebook, and other forums to chat and engage people. Social media may facilitate meeting hot mail-order brides, but dating apps work faster and safer. Here are some pros of using social media to find and secure love.


1. Accessibility

Using social media, one has access to thousands if not millions of people. You can sift through several profiles at once, as opposed to navigating through different area codes to no avail. Additionally, social media and dating apps allow you to learn about a person faster, and discreetly. Finding love on an interracial basis, LGBTQ basis, and others is safer.

Furthermore, you can access all these people from the comfort of wherever you are. It means using a laptop, and finding love while you are still in bed (alone). Also, you can chat with potential mates while on the move. Social media removes wastage of resources as you travel less and spend less on bar and restaurant tabs.

2. Specificity

While using friends to reach out to mutual friends and possibly find a match, it could take forever. Also, friends may not know what you seek precisely. Social media allows you to select exactly who you seek without seeming shallow. You can pinpoint their location and add in body types and modifications along with ethnicity and such factors. These specifics are incredibly tough to handle and overcome if not sought online.


1. Scammers

While seeking love on legitimate sites you may encounter scammers. These men or women will rob you of your time and money. You may spend ample time chatting away only to find you’ve been chatting with a scammer. It can take months to realize time has been wasted and lost.

Additionally, the person may love you yet photos and information remain false. They may be shorter than they said they were, or fatter, and perhaps poorer than depicted online. These falsehoods make social media dating and finding love a slippery slope. 

2. Addictive

It sometimes takes longer to find love online, and members become hooked on chatting and flirting on the web. Social media can create anti-social behaviors as registered users find it difficult communicating online. They may prefer a textationship where texting and sending videos remains the main form of communication.

As social media gets addictive, love may still be in the air. However, there will be few if any meetups, and one partner may feel like they are getting a raw deal. They may indeed conclude there is no love after all. This is something many social media users have experienced and continue to experience daily. Social media is meant to connect members who will thereafter link up and enjoy physical and emotional bonding.

Bottom Line

While social media has ups and downs worth reviewing constantly, the ups may shadow the downs. It is a perfect opportunity to make friends, find love, and hopefully secure long-term companionship. It is also becoming a slippery slope as more shady characters enter these forums. Keep this in mind as you chat with someone you hope will be a lifelong partner.