SESH Skullcandy

SESH Skullcandy – Enjoy the most comfortable audio at the best price

The era of cables has disappeared, at least as far as hearing aids are concerned. Today, the greatest comfort is in the wireless market, but almost all of these devices are of poor quality or failing that, they have a very high price. Today we present the SESH Skullcandy, headphones that, in our experience, break the mold by offering exceptional quality at an affordable price.


The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about SESH Skullcandy is its size. They are so compact that they enter and hold perfectly inside our ear. This compact and fair size is also excellent for preventing sound from escaping.

Its design is simple: each headset has a button with which you can control the different functions. Also, on one side it has a light to indicate the state of the connection.

Additional points for its high-quality materials. Not every day we get on the market headphones with IP55 certificate so that they can resist external elements such as water or dust.


Some of the most outstanding features of the SESH Skullcandy are just a touch of our reach. By this, we mean that almost everything can be controlled with the buttons on the outside. Some examples are to advance the songs, answer calls, increase or decrease the volume, and much more.

Another quality of these headphones is that it is compatible with different voice assistants, so if our Smartphone has Siri (to mention any), we can give you orders and listen to your answers quietly.


The battery is an element that has left us particularly impressed. With a single charge in the case, each headset can withstand up to 3 hours of use before the battery runs out. If you like listening to music during your subway trips, then this duration is more than perfect.

Additionally, thanks to its charging case, we can extend the use of the headphones by 7 hours, which translates into a total autonomy of 10 hours, all in a tiny package.

Sound quality

As we mentioned previously, the design of these headphones is specially made so as not to require additional noise cancellation mechanisms. It is not necessary, considering that the volume power they reach up to 105dB is quite acceptable.


At the level of connectivity, we meet the standard of this type of product: Bluetooth. This guarantees us a stable connection between the headphones and the device with multimedia content, such as our Smartphone. The range is usually around 10 meters away before losing the connection.

Their pairing is fast, so it will only be to remove them from the charging case and press a button so that they are ready to be used.

Box Content

Inside the Skullcandy Sesh box packaging, you will get a Sesh True Wireless Earbuds, Eargels (S, M, L), Charging Case, Micro-USB Charging Cable, and User & 2-Year Warranty Guide.


The quality of the SESH Skullcandy will not disappoint the casual user or who simply wishes to facilitate the use of their Smartphone. It complies with providing the basic control options, and its sound is quite acceptable. Of course, you could have additional technologies to improve the experience a little more, but because of its size and price, you can’t ask for more. In general, if we are not looking for professional equipment, these headphones are perfect.

Price & Availability

The SESH Skullcandy is currently priced at INR 5,999 on the website. Take this opportunity to improve your listening experience.

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