Realme C3 leaked Snapdragon 460 Phones

List of Snapdragon 460 Phones To Release in 2020 | Rumored

Yesterday, Qualcomm released Snapdragon 460 as the successor of Snapdragon 450. It is stated that we might have to wait till late 2020 to actually see Snapdragon 460 phones. However, we believe that we could see some phones featuring SD 460 in the mid-2020. Here is the list of phones which will feature the latest low-end Snapdragon 460:

Snapdragon 460 Highlights Features

Note: The list featuring phones are only rumors (not official). We will update the list once any phone with SD 460 releases.

1) Realme C3

Expected Price: $110 to $140

Starting our list with the Realme C series which is the budget-friendly series of Realme. It’s not like only this series is budget-friendly, but is like super cheap with the most recent phone (Realme C2) priced at only $119 USD. We saw the first phone of the Realme C series which was C1 featuring Snapdragon 450 released in 2018. Later, Realme C2 came up with MTK Helio P22 because, at that time in 2019, SD 460 wasn’t launched. Since now SD 460 is out, we might actually see Realme C3 running on it. Other specs may include the water-drop or punch-hole display, 3/4GB RAM, 4500mAh battery, 48MP Dual Rear Camera, and Gorilla Glass 5 coated FHD+ screen surrounding the much improved plastic body.

2) Redmi 9

Expected Price: $120 to $140


At send in our list of Snapdragon 460 phones is the Redmi 9. This phone deserves to feature this SoC because it is usually a hit in countries like India. With the competitors like Realme emerging, Xiaomi and Redmi promised to give the best price/performance phone. So, in the low-end category SD 460 is the most powerful low-end SoC right now. Moreover, Redmi 8 also featured SD 439 SoC. So the chances are high that Redmi might go SD 460. Redmi 9 will continue to offer the same budget-friendly price along with its 5000mAh battery, 48MP dual rear camera, 6.1″/6.3″ HD+ display with Gorilla Glass 5, 3GB/4GB RAM, QC 3.0, and better screen-to-body ratio.

3) Lenovo K11 Plus

Expected Price: $150 to $170

Lenovo K11 Plus leaked snapdragon 460 phones

Though Lenovo either uses SoCs from Qualcomm’s 6xx and 7xx series (usually slightly old ones) in its K and K Note series, but this time they have a solid reason to use Snapdragon 460 in the upcoming Lenovo K11 Plus. This is because SD 460 is almost equivalent to SD 660 beating most old SoCs from the 6xx series. Plus, this will also allow the company to reduce the price of the phone. Along with Snapdragon 460, we might see 4500mAh battery, triple rear camera, 4GB RAM, and Type-C port.

4) OPPO A6

Expected Price: $200 to $230

OPPO A6 leaked

After the release of OPPO A5 in 2018 and OPPO A5s in 2019, OPPO is looking forward to releasing the successor of the A series which is OPPO A6. Previously, OPPO A5 featured SD 450 and A5s Helio P35. So, the chances are pretty high that OPPO A6 will be running on Snapdragon 460 depending on its release date. It may even return to metal built from A5 which was missed in A5s, 3/4GB RAM, Dual rear camera, 4300mAh battery, and punch-hole display.

5) Samsung Galaxy A20S (2020)

Expected Price: $150 to $190


Previously, in September 2019, Samsung surprised everyone with the A20S by using Qualcomm SD 450 instead of Exynos 7-series. It turned out to be a nice success thanks to the relatively cheap price of $168 USD compared to other phones from the A-series. It is rumored that we might see the 2020 version of A20s in Q4 of this year featuring SD 460. Apart from this, specs including a triple rear camera, 3/4GB RAM, 4030mAh battery, AMOLED HD+ display, and rear fingerprint reader are also expected.

6) Huawei Y7 Pro (2020)

Expected Price: $190 to $220

Huawei-Y7-Pro-Snapdragon 460-phones

From the low-end category of Huawei phones, it is possible to see Huawei Y7 Pro (2020) feature Snapdragon 460 along with 3/4GB RAM, dual/triple rear camera, 4100 mAh battery, and a nice color gradient design.

7) Vivo Y13/V13

Expected Price: $160 to $210

Vivo V13

It might either be Y13 or V12 from vivo which will feature SD 460 with a super AMOLED display, 4GB RAM, triple rear camera, 4000mAh battery, and QC 3.0.

8) Hisense H13

Expected Price: $140 to $170

9) Motorolla Moto G8

Expected Price: $200 to $240

10) Samsung Galaxy J8 (2020)

Expected Price: $220 to $240

We hope you loved our list of the upcoming/rumored Snapdragon 460 phones. We will regularly update the list so stay tuned.