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Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 Comparison

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On April 10, Qualcomm surprised the world by showing 3 new processors to the market. The biggest surprise after its announcement was the result of the preliminary benchmarks, not only on the positive side but also when one of the new processors did not finish showing an improvement. The Snapdragon 665 looks like an SoC that has no place in the current generation, but the question is why a new processor is not up to its predecessors? Today we will discover if it has been just a bad start or if it has no justification in this Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 Comparison.

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Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 – Mid-End/High-end

SoCSnapdragon 660Snapdragon 665Snapdragon 845
CPU4 X Kryo 260 (CA73) @2.2GHz
4 X Kryo 260 (CA53) @1.8GHz
4 X Kryo 260 (CA73) @2.0GHz
4 X Kryo 260 (CA53) @1.8GHz
4 X Kryo 385 (CA75) @2.8GHz
4 X Kryo 385 (CA55) @1.8GHz
GPUAdreno 512Adreno 610Adreno 630
DSPHexagon 680Hexagon 686Hexagon 685
ISP/ CameraSpectra 160
Spectra 165
25MP Single/ 16MP Dual
Spectra 280
48MP Single/ 16MP Dual
ModemSnapdragon X12 LTE (12/13)
DL= 600Mbps
UL= 150Mbps
Snapdragon X12 LTE (12/13)
DL= 600Mbps
UL= 150Mbps
Snapdragon X20 LTE
DL= 1200Mbps
UL= 150Mbps
Mfc. Process14nm LPP11nm LPP10nm LPP

Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 – CPU Comparison

We start this Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 with the first aspect that is seen in the SoC: its CPU unit. Both SND 660 and 665 belong to the same Qualcomm series, so the differences are not so striking between one and the other. First, we have the 660, a chip with time on the market that came with an Octa-Core architecture consisting of 4 Kryo 260 (CA73) cores at 2.2GHz and 4 Kryo 260 (CA53) cores at 1.8GHz. Its lithography is already somewhat outdated for current standards, being this 14nm.

Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 - Snapdragon 660

In comparison, the recently introduced Snapdragon 665 retains the same octa-core architecture with the same cores, with the exception that the four high-performance Kryo 260 (CA73) cores have a clock speed of 2.0GHz. Despite this, the SoC adopts Samsung’s new lithography of 11nm LPP, considerably reducing the size it occupies while maintaining its performance. At least, that is expected, but in the tests carried out in AnTuTu, it is appreciated how the SND 660 is 15% more powerful in CPU than the 665.

Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 - SND 665 Features

Just as a comparison point, the Snapdragon 845 processor, which still is widely used in the leading devices on the market, has a CPU score of 91,300, which is between 35% and 50% better than the other two participants. It also adopts an octa-core architecture but based on 4 Kryo 385 (CA75) cores of 2.8GHz and 4 Kryo 385 (CA55) cores with speeds of 1.8GHz. In addition, it implements a 10nm lithography, which represented a revolution in the industry.

It is obvious that in this section, the best exponent would be the SND 845, but it is nothing more than a comparison point with respect to the participants of the series 6. Between the SND 660 and the SND 665, the result is very similar thanks to the new features of the 665, but the numerical tests do not point to it as the winner.

Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 – GPU Comparison

We continue this Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 with the unit in charge of image processing: the GPU. This section again does not count statistically with many differences between the contenders of the series 6, but in this case, the winner is the most recent chip.

Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 675 vs Snapdragon 730 - SND 665

In this way, we see that the Snapdragon 660 implemented an Adreno 512 unit that gives an average AnTuTu score of 30,902, while the Snapdragon 665 was upgraded to the Adreno 610, but this jump has only allowed it to achieve a score of 31,798. Partly it was to be expected since these processors are not designed to play but to bring artificial intelligence functions from the high-end to the mid-range Smartphones.

Snapdragon 845 Parameters

For its part, the Snapdragon 845 again demonstrates why it is the high-end SoC by using an Adreno 630 GPU that gives a score of 107,300. It is not surprising that it is the preferred SoC for gaming Smartphones.

Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 – Other Specs Comparison

To finalize this Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 comparison, we end with other relevant data from the SoCs. The first thing is to indicate that the three processors implement a DSP. This is a processing unit other than the CPU that handles other analytical activities, but with simpler mathematical operations, ideal for saving energy and for artificial intelligence processes. In the case of the SND 660, it uses a Hexagon 680, while in the SND 845 a Hexagon 685 was implemented. The new member of the family, the 665, uses a new third generation Hexagon 686, which will stand out with the new cameras that it can use thanks to the improvement of the ISP.

The Snapdragon 660, thanks to its Spectra 160 ISP, is compatible with cameras with maximum resolutions of 24MP. For its part, the Snapdragon 845 raised the bet enormously thanks to its Spectra 280, which is compatible with sensors up to 48MP. The SND 665 is closer to its predecessor thanks to the Spectra 165, which allows it to improve the configuration a bit with a single 25MP sensor or with dual sensors up to 16MP.

Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 675 vs Snapdragon 730 - SND 665 Camera Features

The SoC of the 6 series will have to conform with LPDDR4 memory units, while the Snapdragon 845, being of high range, will be able to use LPDDR4x memories. Similarly, the series 6 will share upload and download speeds thanks to the Snapdragon X12 LTE modem with 12 and 13 categories, which places them at 600Mbps for download and 150Mbps for upload. The SND 845 greatly exceeds the download speed thanks to its 18 categories, being compatible with speeds of up to 1.2Gbps.

Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 – AnTuTu Score Comparison

Finally, these are the numbers that have caused such a stir with respect to the Snapdragon 665:

  • Overall AnTuTu Score of the SD 665: 125.092
  • Overall AnTuTu Score of the SD 660: 144.742
  • Overall AnTuTu Score of the SD 845: 265,665

The result of the Snapdragon 845 was to be expected, after all, it is a high-end chip against 2 participants of the 6 series that specialize in the mid-range. However, there seems to be no justification for the lower result of the 665 with respect to the 660 if it has been shown that in hardware they are practically similar, and even the 665 is better.

Snapdragon processors

Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 vs Snapdragon 845 – The Conclusion

It is simple. At the moment, there is no way to calculate the real performance of the Snapdragon 665. There is no terminal optimized for its use or its new features, so to despise it right now is to judge it without competition. We will have to wait for the first terminals to come out with this SoC to see if their performance improves in general, so we recommend that you do not make rushed purchases and wait a little longer to see if this new SoC adapts to your needs as a user.

Winner: Tie

We remember that the Snapdragon 845 is an SoC that was in the list as a comparison point, but the difference of ranges is still very visible, although this has been reduced considerably.

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1 year ago

I was searching for a comparison between Snapdragon 665 & Snapdragon 660 and I came across this comparison. This is also saying that the Snapdragon 665 has lower benchmarks. But Why? How this could be the successor of Snapdragon 660?

Reply to  Mr.V
1 year ago

Well, Snapdragon 660 is well optimized, plus the upper core has a better frequency. However, it’s confusing has a process of SD 665 is much better. At longer duration such as a PUBG Mobile gaming match, the SD 655 smartphone will no doubt perform better. AnTuTu benchmarks are based on performance and the SD 665 delivers more than just performance which is a better GPU, DSP, 11nm process, and AI. However, SD 660 is much optimized with the recent phones compared to the SD 665. If the smartphone manufacturers make SD 665 optimized with the customized Android OS and the… Read more »

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