Snapdragon 670 exposure featured

Snapdragon 670 Exposure – 20% Better Than Snapdragon 820, DynamIQ Technology

According to insider @Grass Grass Grass on Weibo, Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 will launch in Q1 of the year 2018. Although it’s a long wait, still we have some specs in the first Snapdragon 670 exposure to share with you.

Regarding configuration, Snapdragon 670 will still continue the octa-core design, but different from SD 660. The SoC will divide into:

  • Two High-Frequency Cortex A75 Kryo 360
  • Six Low-Frequency Cortex A55 Kryo 360

Because of the DynamIQ technology, the SoC could be a heterogeneous core cluster, allowing for different configurations like 1+7 (i.e. 1xbig and 7xLITTLE CPUs), 2+4, 1+3 to deliver scalable solutions. Moreover, the advance computing capabilities will design delivering more Artificial Intelligence performance. Of course, the architecture of Snapdragon 670 is still in planning phase. Cortex A75 / A55 is the first CPU architecture based on DynamIQ, that is why Kryo 360 will continue the same operation.


The Snapdragon 670 exposure in the post also reveals that Snapdragon 670 GPU will upgrade from Adreno 512 to Andreno 6 Series. We will expect a performance increase of more than 25%.

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Because Qualcomm has too much time, so SD 670 will base on 10nm LPP which will be the upgrade to Snapdragon 835 10nm LPE process. As an upper mid-ender, the lower power performance will significantly improve.

With A75 to enhance 20% and A55 to 15%, Snapdragon 670 will definitely cross Snapdragon 820 performance score and will be 20% better in overall performance. Here’s the table of the current Snapdragon 6 series:

Snapdragon 6 series family