Snapdragon 690 Specs, Phone, AnTuTu Score – Everything We Need To Know

Today, Qualcomm officially releases the Snapdragon 690 SoC as the newest entry to the mid-end 6xx series. It’s the first 5G SoC from the 6xx series of Snapdragon. With this, Qualcomm brings 5G networking to a much lower price range compared to the upper mid-end Snapdragon 765G and Snapdragon 768G. Here’s everything we need to know about Snapdragon 690 including its specs, features, and AnTuTu scores.


Snapdragon 690 – Industry’s Second Cortex A77 5G SoC

Snapdragon 790G  Specs Table

SoC Snapdragon 690
Process 8nm FinFeT (by Samsung)
CPU 2 x Kryo 560 Prime Cortex-A77 @ 2.0 GHz

6 x Kryo 560 Silver Cortex-A55 @ 1.7 GHz

GPU Adreno 619L
AI/DSP Hexagon 692 Tensor Accelerator (HTA)
Camera Spectra 355L (192 MP single camera /

22 MP at 30fps Dual Camera with MFNR/ZSL / 16MP Triple Cameras with MFNR/ZSL)

Video Capture 4K @ 30fps HDR
FHD @ 60fps, 720p slow-mo @240fps
Display FHD+, 120HZ refresh rate, Max display: QHD @ 60Hz, HDR10+, HDR10
Charging Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 4+ technology
Modem Internal X51 5G/LTE (5G: download up to 2.5 Gbit/s, Upload: up to 1.6 Gbit/s; LTE: download Cat 24, up to 1200 Mbit/s, upload Cat 22, up to 210 Mbit/s)

4×4 MIMO

 2×2 Wi-Fiac Wave2

Phones TBA (LG, Motorola, SHARP to be the first ones)

Snapdragon 690 Process

Snapdragon 690 is based on Samsung’s 8nm FinFET process. It’s the same process used in Exynos 980 and 880.

Snapdragon 690 CPU

Snapdragon 690 uses a Kyro 650 CPU based on the dual-cluster design (2+6). It consists of 2 x high-performance core which is the Kryo Prime CortexA77 running @2.0GHz and 6 x energy-efficient CortexA55 cores running @1.8GHz. In comparison to SD 765/G, SD 768/G, and SD 675, we can see that it uses the latest Cortex A77 cores which is too rare to see in SoCs.

SoC manufacturers even said that the performance of the Cortex A77 core is useful only on the 5nm process and this is not even 7nm but 8nm process. Anyways, the CPU performance is up to 20% faster than the previous generation (SD 675).

Snapdragon 690 GPU

SD 690 has Adreno 619L as the GPU. No detailed information is given on it including the process and frequency. However, Qualcomm states that the new Adreno 619L GPU can improve the graphics rendering performance by up to 60% compared to the previous generation which is SD 675.

Snapdragon 690 AI

Snapdragon 690 incorporates the first integration of the fifth-generation Qualcomm AI Engine and the first integration of the Hexagon 692 Tensor Accelerator (HTA). Compared to Snapdragon 675, the overall performance of AI has been improved by up to 70%. The AI score hasn’t been announced yet. You can check this page once the result has been announced. We will also update it here.

Snapdragon 690 camera

With the introduction of HTA, you can achieve scenarios that were not possible on the Snapdragon 6 series platform.

For example, when taking a selfie, hundreds of different feature points of the face are captured and calculated in real-time and converted into a child’s face, such as real-time detection and source recognition of different sounds. Here’s how it looks like:

Snapragon 690 AI camera filter

Snapdragon 690 AnTuTu Score (Expected)

Moving to the scores of the AnTuTu Benchmark v8, it is rumored that Snapdragon 690 will score around 280,000 290,000 points ranking between Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon 765G and being slightly powerful than SD 730. Since there’s no smartphone featuring the SoC yet, the scores are yet to be confirmed.

Snapdragon 690 Connectivity

Snapdragon 690 supports 5G networking and is the first in the 6xx series to provide this networking.  Snapdragon 690 integrating the X51 modem (internal) gives 5G download up to 2.5 Gbit/s and upload up to 1.6 Gbit/s. Moreover, it also supports Global 5G networking consisting of sub-6 GHz in Europe and Asia and mmWave 5G in the US. For 4G LTE, the download uses Cat 24 with a speed up to 1200 Mbit/s and for upload Cat 22 with a speed up to 210 Mbit/s. The Snapdragon 768G download and upload speeds are 2.5 Gbps and 1.6 Gbps respectively for the mmWave 5G network.

It is also worth mentioning that the Snapdragon 690 5G supports 5G+4G dual card dual standby.

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Snapdragon X51 vs X52 vs 55 – What’s the Difference

SoC X51 X52 X55
5G download 2.5 Gbps 3.7Gbps 7.5Gbps
5G upload 1.6 Gbps 1.6 Gbps 1.6 Gbps
4G Cat 24, up to 1200 Mbit/s, upload Cat 22, up to 210 Mbit/s Cat 24, up to 1200 Mbit/s, upload Cat 22, up to 210 Mbit/s Cat 24, up to 1200 Mbit/s, upload Cat 22, up to 210 Mbit/s

Snapdragon 690 Other Features

In terms of camera support, we have the Spectra 355L which supports 192 MP single camera and up to 22 MP at 30fps Dual Camera with MFNR/ZSL and the newly added triple camera up to 16MP. For the first time, it also brings 4K HDR (true 10-bit) video recording as well. There are certain features of the new 355L ISP.

  1. The zooming of the distant and near scenes can be very smooth.
  2. The background blur can be hair-level accurate
  3. The algorithm of the spectrum soft can optimize the super night scene mode so that the original overexposed places in the photo show more details and are smoother. It brightens and sharpens the dark parts to make the whole picture clearer

It also supports the latest QC 4.0+ charging.

As for the display, it supports FHD+ resolution along with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Price & Availability

Since Qualcomm SoCs aren’t limited to a specific manufacturer, we can see a wide price range of smartphones featuring SD 690 depending on the manufacturer. Xiaomi and Realme phones will be much cheaper, meanwhile, manufacturers like OPPO and Vivo will have phones featuring SD 690 for a much expensive price. At present, there’s no phone but we can expect an SD 690 phone to be around $190 to $280 releasing in the second half of 2020.