Snapdragon 710 featured

SD 670 Renamed To Snapdragon 710 Featuring in Two Xiaomi Phones

Finally, the technological world has reasons to celebrate. Qualcomm recently surprised the world by releasing for the first time some processors with a 10nm lithograph: the Snapdragon 835/845. These processors as you would expect were intended for the highest range of devices (They are in Smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S). However, it has been known that the new 10nm lithography process will no longer be exclusive to the high range since Qualcomm confirmed the release of the new Snapdragon 710 Chip (previously known as SD 670).

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The new series begins with the Snapdragon 710

Until recently the existence of the so-called Snapdragon 670 was echoed; a new processor that was expected would be the heart of the new Xiaomi devices. However, today XDA has reported that (thanks to a reliable source) the SD 670 does not exist since its real identity would have been changed to the Snapdragon 710.

Snapdragon 710 renamed

The 700 series is a new range of chips announced by Qualcomm last February 2018. According to the digital terminology used by the company, it is positioned at a power level between the 800 and 600 series, while improving the performance in the new AI and power consumption. Thanks to a set of codes it is now known that the first chip in the series will be the 710.

In the same way it has been confirmed that within the source code of the new Xiaomi’s devices named as “Comet” and “Sirius” has been found a trace of what is read says SDM710 (Snapdragon 710) in addition to indicating that in the end, it would be a processor of 2 + 6 cores.

Snapdragon 710 Xiaomi

According to the old news of the Snapdragon 670, the two main cores would be based on an ARM A75 architecture and would have the name Kryo 300 Gold. As for the six small cores, these would be ARM A55, and they would be called Kryo 300 Silver. The GPU that would accompany the SoC would be an Adreno 615 with frequencies between 430 and 700MHz.

Comet and Sirius, the new from Xiaomi

Going back to the Xiaomi devices, the new terminal codenamed “Comet” seems to enjoy an OLED screen with Android 8.1 and a 3,100mAh battery. On the other hand “Sirius” would be a superior version since it would include an OLED screen with a Notch, Android 8.1, a battery of 3120mAh and a portrait mode for the camera, referring perhaps to a new improved AI system.

Comet & Sirius

However, in both cases, it can be seen that they do not have NFC compatibility, which indicates that their development could still be at a very early stage or that it has not been something to consider in the terminals. Few ideas suggest if they are the successor of any of the brand’s devices.