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Snapdragon 730 Vs Snapdragon 730G Comparison: Dedicated To Gaming

Today, Qualcomm officially released the Snapdragon 730 and Snapdragon 730G in the 7-series lineup alongside Snapdragon 665. However, a question emerges what’s the difference between these two SoCs. Let’s find out in this Snapdragon 730 Vs Snapdragon 730G Comparison:

What Does the ‘G’ stands in Snapdragon 730G?

SD 665 SD 730 SD 730G

Snapdragon 730 Vs Snapdragon 730G Comparison – A Fantastic GPU Push

Snapdragon 730G Snapdragon 730

Snapdragon 730 Vs Snapdragon 730G – CPU Comparison

Interestingly, the CPU of both SD 730 and SD 730G is same. Snapdragon 730 is the upgraded version of Snapdragon 710. Both SD 730 and SD 730G are based on Samsung’s 8nm LLP process which is the first attempt from Qualcomm. However, these two SoCs aren’t the only 8nm SoCs out there but there’s the Exynos 9820 released last year. That leaves us to the question: Is Snapdragon 730 powerful than Exynos 9820? We will find that soon in another SoC comparison.


Though Exynos 9820 and SD 730/730G are based on the same process, we have a completely different CPU layout. In comparison to the old SD 710, the dual-core Kryo 360 (A75) and the hexa-core Kryo 360 (A55) has been upgraded to dual-core Kryo 470 (A76) and the hexa-core Kryo 470 (A55). Moreover, the frequency is also increased to 2.2GHz and 1.8GHz, respectively. The performance has been increased up to 35% in comparison to the previous generation. This finally eliminates the question of the previous Snapdragon 710 as the 7-series not as good as the previously released Snapdragon 675.

CPU Kryo 470 octa-core (2x A76 @2.2GHz, 6x A55 @1.8GHz, 8nm)
GPU Adreno 618 (overclocked on SD 730G for 15% better performance)
RAM Up to 8GB
DSP Hexagon 688
ISP Spectra 350
Modem Snapdragon X15 (Cat 15 down, Cat 13 up)
Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX Adaptive
Charging Qualcomm QuickCharge 4+ compatible

Despite having the same CPU, the SD 730G has a slightly better CPU score on AnTuTu which is surprising.

Snapdragon 730 Vs Snapdragon 730G – GPU Comparison

Here comes the real deal. The GPU section is the only area which differentiates both SoCs. Upgraded from Snapdragon 710’s Adreno 616, we have the new Adreno 618.

Snapdragon 730 vs Snapdragon 730G Comparison - SD 730G Specs

Meanwhile, Snapdragon 730G features an overclocked Adreno 618 for better performance in graphics. The overclocked Adreno 618 of SD 730G has an impressive GPU performance increase of 25%. There’s a difference between the GPU performance of SD 730 and SD 730G in AnTuTu Benchmark. Of course, 730G leads the way with 15% better GPU performance than SD 730.

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Snapdragon 730 Vs Snapdragon 730G – Other Specs Comparison

The most significant change in the new SD 730/730G is the AI aspect, which integrates the latest Hexagon 688 DSP, including Qualcomm’s tensor accelerator, which can be used for machine learning reasoning, with Qualcomm’s fourth-generation AI engine, and AI processing performance is doubled.

The image side uses the Spectra 350 ISP, which supports CV computing visual acceleration. In addition, CV-ISP, tensor accelerator, and True HDR are the first to be used in the Snapdragon 700 series

Snapdragon 730 Vs Snapdragon 730G - AI Highlights

It should be noted that:

SD 730/730G is the first and only 7-series SoC to offer true HDR, CV-ISP, and tensor accelerator.

Snapdragon 730G may have some additional gaming tweaks in comparison to the Snapdragon 730 such as the anti-cheat extension, which makes SD 730G a possibility to be used in upcoming gaming smartphones from Asus, Razor, Xiaomi, Nubia and so on.

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Other specifications are quite similar to the SD 710 which includes 2×16-bit LPDDR4X-1866 memory, 1MB system cache, Snapdragon X15 LTE baseband (Cat.15/13 download 800Mbps upload 150Mbps), 2K30fps/1080p120fps video encoding, 10-bit HDR.

Snapdragon 730 Vs Snapdragon 730G – AnTuTu Score Comparison

The prototypes of SD 730 and 730G conducted an AnTuTu benchmark and Snapdragon 730G was on a slight lead.

  • Overall AnTuTu Score of SD 730: 213113 points
  • Overall AnTuTu Score of SD 730G: 222538 points

The minor 9000+ points difference is probably because of 730G overclocked GPU and tweaks.

Snapdragon 730 Vs Snapdragon 730G – The Conclusion

Snapdragon 730 and Snapdragon 730G should not have a great price difference just because of the tweaks and overclocked GPU. If the price difference is barely noticeable, the SD 730G is the choice here. However, it depends on the smartphone manufacturer. If it’s a classic smartphone, it’s better to use SD 730 to avoid any extra cost, and if it’s a gaming smartphone SD 730G is a must.

Indeed, the ‘G’ in SD 730 stands for Gaming, being the first gaming SoC for Android

Anyways, Snapdragon 730G wins with a close-call in this comparison because of overclocked GPU and tweaks.

Winner: Snapdragon 730G

Snapdragon 730G Highlights Over Snapdragon 730

  • Overclocked GPU
  • Gaming Tweaks
  • Slightly better overall benchmark performance

The mass production of smartphones incorporating SD 730 and 730G will start at the mid of this year.