Sony HT-S20R

Sony Announces Sony HT-S20R Dolby Audio Home Theatre In India

Sony India launches the entry level model soundbar Sony HT-S20R powered with Dolby Audio to deliver a cinematic experience with 5.1 channels of real surround sound.

Features Of Sony HT-S20R Soundbar

The soundbar is especially designed and tuned for India to combine dramatic, high-quality sound with exceptional 400W power output, Bluetooth and USB connectivity for seamless music.

1. Experience cinematic 5.1 channel Real Surround Sound supported by Dolby Audio

The Sony HT-S20R delivers an audio experience like none other by giving movies the soundtrack they deserve
with 5.1 channels of real surround sound. Users can get cinematic surround sound with its rear speakers and external subwoofer that works with a 3 channels soundbar.

Setting up the HT-S20R is extremely straightforward and can be done in seconds. Simply plug it in, position the external subwoofer, wire up the rear speakers and you’re ready to go. On top of movies and TV, you will also be able to easily play music through the HT-S20R.

2. Bluetooth connectivity with smartphone for seamless music streaming along with USB plug and play

Listen to your favorite tracks by either wirelessly streaming through your smartphone using Bluetooth connection or use the HT-S20R’s USB port to plug and play thousands of music tracks from a Pen drive.

3. Simple and Sleek design fits perfectly in your home

Matching with TV, HT-S20R boasts punching metal finish, which seamlessly integrates cinema tech into the home. Say goodbye to cable clutter, as the HT-S20R supports HDMI ARC which lets you connect to compatible TV’s with a single cable.

For non-HDMI compatible TV’s, the HT-S20R offers the option of connecting to the optical input or analogue input for you to enjoy the high-quality sound it produces.

4. Powerful Bass with 400W output for an immersive experience

The HT-S20R delivers 400W power output with 160mm driver unit of subwoofer to create the theatre like immersive audio experience.

5. Special optimized sound modes at a click of a button for unique experience

A button for every sound – Now you can choose the button which is right for what you’re watching. It also  allows one to pick the mode from Auto, Standard, Cinema and Music that best suits the content being played.

You can also select Night and Voice modes and use the subwoofer control to fine tune your viewing and listening experience.

Price and Availability

The Sony HT-S20R is priced at INR 14,990/- and available from 7th Feb across all Sony Center, major electronic stores and e-commerce portals in India.

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