Sony IMX 418 CMOS sensor Featured

Sony IMX 418 CMOS sensor is Here – Built for HMD head display, Robots

Today, the world famous company Sony has presented a revolution in image sensors. The Sony IMX 418 CMOS sensor is here, and with it, they revolutionize by being the first to offer a sensor capable of sending signals from multiple receivers to a processor through a single MIPI interface in a “serial circuit

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What the Sony IMX 418 CMOS sensor symbolizes

To understand what makes the Sony IMX 418 CMOS sensor so special, we must understand what MIPI is. MIPI is basically the communication method implemented between an image sensor and an AP/ISP; for this to happen, special cables and ports are needed between them. In addition, there is the drawback that, if several sensors are implemented, they need to be processed individually. The IMX 418 promises to eliminate this need since no matter how many of these are used, they will work in an orderly manner sending the information in a logical queue. In this way, the amount of space required by the image sensors is greatly reduced.

Sony IMX 418 CMOS sensor

Regarding the technical specifications, the first thing to highlight is that the dimensions of the Sony IMX 418 CMOS sensor are only 1/3.6 inches, but despite its size, it has 1 million pixels. In addition, it has a global shutter without focal plane distortion.

Sony IMX 418 CMOS sensor dimensions

Finally, its price. The new Sony IMX 418 CMOS sensor costs 1500 yen (approximately $13), but you can purchase a package for 2000 yen ($22). Anyway, this new sensor is not designed for the Smartphones market, since from the same Sony have claimed that its main use will be the industrial, such as robots or Head Mounted Display (HMD), among other complex functions. But this is only the beginning of this new technology, so it is probably that we will see it soon enough on any Smartphone.