Sony IMX858 Released | The New King of Night Photography

Release Highlights

  • Sony IMX858 is a 50MP f1/2.51 inch image sensor
  • It is the first sub-camera to support ultra-low-power camera collaboration.
  • The camera supports full-pixel focusing.
  • It has 2 exp DOL,
  • The camera comes with HDR for better low light results
  • It comes with a 12-bit ADC

Sony has taken things to the next level by releasing their latest sensor called Sony IMX858. The sensor has some groundbreaking features that make it the king, without any doubt.  It will take low-light photography to the ultimate heights. The sensor is  50MP and supports a new generation of ultra-low power cameras. It makes the sensor perform well while saving battery time. 

Specifications of Sony IMX858

The core parameters of IMX858 are it is a 50MP f1/2.51-inch image sensor that will provide good night photography results. Moreover, it is the first sub-camera sensor that supports ultra-low power multi-camera collaboration. It allows the sensor to achieve multi-viewing angles and color tone changes. 


The Sony IMX858 supports full pixel focusing, 2 exp DOL, HDR, and 12-bit ADC that will enhance the camera experience of users. Sony has primarily focused on making low-light photography better with this release.

Cameras have become the most important for users when choosing a phone, and Sony has been winning the race. What phone do you think should take benefit from this sensor?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)