Sony IMX890

Sony IMX890 Specs Leaked | A Perfect Camera For Mid-End?

At present, many phone manufacturers have increased their use of super-large sensors on phones. The benefits are obvious. They can bring better image quality performance, while video shooting can show more details.

Since this is the market trend, but also the common choice of manufacturers, Sony will naturally take the initiative to meet, and create a matching agenda. Source has it that Sony is working on the new CMOS IMX890 sensor for phones.

The blogger @iBing Universe revealed that Sony’s new CMOS sensor IMX890 sensor size is 1/1.56 inches, 50.3MP, pixel 4-in 1 and each pixel size can reach the level of 2μm.

Sony IMX890 leaks specs 1

According to @iBing Universe on Weibo, the overall parameters of IMX890 and IMX766 are still very similar. The biggest difference between the two is that the hardware supports up to 30 frames of full-resolution output, which is achieved through CPHY.

Many players are no strangers to the Sony IMX766, which has been widely used in flagship models before, with a sensor size of 1/1.56 inches, 50MP, 1.0μm per pixel, which can be increased to 2.0μm by quadruple integration, and support for DOL-HDR and full pixel autofocus.

Sony IMX890 leaks specs

How will the Sony IMX890 be used by manufacturers?

In fact, many users are most concerned about how the IMX890 will be used by manufacturers. From the above-exposed parameters, it is more like an enhanced version of the IMX766, optimized on top of the original base, especially the maximum support for 30 fps full-resolution output.

The supported full-resolution output, which is very much in line with current user habits, can be better used to shoot video (in first person), open live streaming, and other usage habits, while with a variety of filters, can allow users to easily shoot a variety of styles of video.

In fact, about the use of IMX890, such a strong CMOS sensor is expected to be featured on mid-end smartphones, offering them good camera performance. But remember camera software optimization matters as well.

Source (My drivers, in Chinese)