Tenda AC23 Router Review – The Cheapest 4×4 mimo 5GHz Router

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There was a time when most people used the cable modem to connect to the Internet, but today, with the advancement of technology we have Wifi, which helps us connect to the Internet to the same network from different phones, tablets and laptops There are many Wifi routers on the market, but today we will see in depth one of Tenda’s wireless network devices here, in the Tenda AC23 Router review.

In short, a large number of routers have been launched to the market, especially since in recent years, the popularity of the internet has increased exponentially. Having said that, today we will analyze this great product, and we will tell you the internal and external features that it brings. Let’s not take more time and see what you have to offer!

Tenda AC23 Router Review - The Cheapest 4x4 mimo 5GHz Router

Tenda AC23 Router Review – The Cheapest 4×4 mimo 5GHz Router

Tenda AC23 Router Review – Design & Appearance

Analyzing its back, we can see that it contains a LAN input, an IPTV port and a dual output, in addition to a 5Vlt charging pin, it has air outlets for cooling the device and a USB internet input. In its lower part, it has a perforated design to allow better cooling, called passive cooling, since due to its intense use, common routers usually reach high temperatures generating failures over time in the devices.

Having said that, the Tenda AC23 Router, in addition to being a beauty in design, presents its own App for mobiles, which allows us to set parameters, monitor and control our Router from our mobile device. Simply put, this product has a simple and elegant design.

Tenda AC23 Router Review - Design & Appearance

Tenda AC23 Router Review – Features

Before talking about how to install it, let’s start by talking a little about its internal configuration and the parameters under which it works. This router uses the latest 802.11 ac wireless protocol, on which the highest wireless transmission rate in the 2.4GHz band is 300Mbps, and the highest wireless transmission rate in the 5GHz band is increased to 1733Mbps. Now, the 1200Mbps conventional wireless router uses the 2T2R transceiver for the 5G band, the 1900Mbps products uses the 3T3R transceiver and the Tenda AC23 uses the 4T4R multichannel transceiver technology, which allows this router to remain at the forefront of speed of transmission.

If you compare the wireless transmission with the information highway, Tenda AC23 is an 8-lane two-way road. The road is wider than the 1200Mbps and 1900Mbps products, and there is more traffic flow, which means that the AC23’s wireless transmission capacity is stronger. This router has a very high value for money, a 3-core architecture for a low price, a main 1GHz processor, a 500MHz coprocessor and an Ethernet data processor. Also, a single-chip architecture uses solid materials and processes data to be faster and more stable.

Tenda AC23 Router Review - Features

The main module also incorporates a signal enhancement module. Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz chips are equipped with wireless signal amplifiers, which improves the ability of Wifi to penetrate the walls and extend the transmission distance. Also, with 7 omnidirectional high gain antennas of 6dBi, the coverage area increases by 20% compared to the traditional 5dBi antenna. Even in the corner of the house, you can watch movies on the Internet without problems and the game does not freeze.

On the other hand, the Tenda AC23 uses 4×4 MU-MIMO technology, so it can communicate with more Internet devices at the same time, which means that smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, PCs, smart homes and other devices in the home can connect online at the same time. It will not freeze.

Features This Router Has

Tenda AC23 Router Review – How to install this router in your home?

The installation of Tenda AC23 is very simple. We have experienced the initial configuration of Tenda AC23 through the mobile application and the PC website; these two configurations can be completed in two steps, and can be completed in one minute or even 30 seconds. After connecting the router to the power supply and the network cable, you can connect to AC23 using Wifi or a network cable on the PC. After that, the normal installation method starts; all you have to do is enter the numbers in the address bar of the browser to enter the settings of this router.

The AC23 system will automatically detect the user’s Internet access method for the first time and then set the Wifi name and password to complete the configuration. If the entire configuration process is expert, it can be completed in 30 seconds. Before using the Tenda Wifi application to configure your wireless router, you must connect your phone’s Wifi to the Tenda AC23. After opening the application, the system will also automatically determine the user’s Internet environment and, after setting the Internet mode, set the Wifi name and password to complete the configuration.

Once the configuration is complete, open the application, and the device type and AC23 network name will be displayed by default. The user can control the device by clicking on the corresponding device. If you find a strange device, you can prohibit Internet access and eject the user from the Internet with a single click.

In the “toolbox”, there are also many practical functions, such as Wifi acceleration, Wifi timing switch, signal strength adjustment, security detection, remote activation, and other functions. With your fingers, you can easily control the router and say goodbye to your PC!

The router is unavailable at the moment. It has a global price of around 40 USD to 50 USD. Here’s a link to the purchase store on Amazon.

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