OPPO Find N2 design

The OPPO Find N2 | Putting Hinge and Screen Crease Concerns to Rest

News Highlights

  • Folding screen technology has matured due to advancements in hinge and other key technologies.
  • The OPPO Find N2 hinge can bear a weight of 40 kg
  • The hinge of the OPPO Find N2 is miniaturized and rebuilt using aerospace-grade materials and carbon fiber
  • Titanium alloy screws are used to further lower the weight of the entire phone
  • At 233g, the OPPO Find N2 is the lightest horizontal foldable phone in the industry

Folding-screen mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, but the hinge and screen creases of these devices are still two of the most significant concerns for users. However, with the rapid advancement of hinge technology and other key technologies, the development of folding screens has become increasingly mature. Today, many people use folding-screen mobile phones as their primary devices.

The OPPO Find N2: A Durable and Lightweight Solution

Recently, at CCTV News’ first technological New Year’s Eve party, balance performers attempted to stand a bicycle on an unfolded OPPO Find N2 folding screen mobile phone. This was done to showcase the durability and strength of the device, and the results were quite impressive. After a tense placement session, the OPPO Find N2 was able to support the bicycle steadily without causing any damage to the screen or the hinges. This was a testament to the robustness of the device and its ability to withstand various types of stress and pressure.

OPPO Find N2 durability
OPPO Find N2 strength

The Advancements in Hinge Technology

According to the person in charge of the OPPO Innovation Product Center, the hinge of the OPPO Find N2 is able to withstand a weight of 40 kilograms in a laboratory environment. This significantly improved over previous generations of folding-screen mobile phones, which were often not as durable. The hinge of the OPPO Find N2 is made of high-strength composite carbon fiber, which not only reduces weight by more than half of the previous generation but also nearly doubles the strength. The hinge parts are also connected without any screws, which makes the hinge more stable and secure.

The OPPO Find N2’s Carbon Fiber Construction

The hinge shape is miniaturized and reconstructed with aerospace-grade materials, and carbon fiber material is used as the screen support frame. This not only improves the strength and durability of the hinge but also makes it more compact and lightweight. To further reduce weight, all the screws of the entire phone are also replaced with custom-made titanium alloys. This makes the device even more lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around wherever you go.

OPPO Find N2 design

The Weight Reduction and Portability of the OPPO Find N2

It is worth mentioning that the weight of the OPPO Find N2 is only 233g, making it the lightest horizontal foldable phone in the industry. This is even lighter than most mainstream flagship bar phones on the market, which makes it an ideal device for those who are always on the go and need a device that is easy to carry around. Overall, the OPPO Find N2 is a durable, lightweight, and portable folding-screen mobile phone designed to meet today’s consumers’ needs.

Source ( Mydrivers, In Chinese )