Top 5 Features of EMUI 13

Top 5 Features of EMUI 13 | Better Than iOS 16

EMUI 13 is official now and it will soon be provided to the Huawei smartphone lineup. Even the 2 to 3 years old phone will also get the update. With so many features loaded, we got you covered with some of the top features that will be super useful and you are going to love them.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Features of EMUI 13

Take a Swipe at it

The take a swipe at or Swipe Up feature let’s you interact with the app without having to open it. Swiping up the app icon will let u Access its information and you can also pin an app’s service widget on the home screen anywhere you want.

EMUI 13 Features

Resizeable Smart Folders

When u have too many apps in your folder but u can’t seem to find the one you are looking for because it’s hiding at the back with other apps and this gets worse when u can’t remember which folder u put it in. But now with EMUI 13 the smart Resizeable folder, they can be resized to modify the space they occupy on the screen.

Drag to share

This new super useful feature might become your favorite feature of EMUI 13. With Drag to share you can long press on any text, picture, or file that catches your eye, drag it to SuperHub, and paste or share it to any app or connected device. Find, reuse, and delete previously pasted and shared content with remarkable ease.

Share your music but keep your headphones

This unique feature you are not going to find in other phones. If you are listening to some great music and you would like to share it with your friend but you don’t want to take off your headphones to share it with them. Well now with EMUI 13 you can just pull down from the Control Panel to share audio with a friends’ HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2, and continue listening without missing a beat! It is not yet confirmed whether if it will work with other headphones or not.

Super Storage

EMUI 13 brings you this unique capability, SuperStorage to clear up to 20GB of storage space by stacking duplicate files, compressing less-used apps, and eliminating unnecessary re-downloads to create room for your important storage requirements. In comparison to MIUI cleaner and OneUI cleaner, this one has the best detection and deep cleaning.

The Verdict

These are only the major features of the EMUI 13, performance enhancements are yet to be announced. We will do a review once it arrives on Huawei phones. So, stay tuned!