Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro Comparison | Sound, Specs

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Some time ago, the Tranya brand decided to launch one of its most popular earbuds, the Tranya B530, and a while later it surprised the world with its pro version, the Tranya B530 Pro. Today we are going to compare these two pairs of earbuds to see if there is any difference between these, so welcome to this new Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro comparison!

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro Earbuds Comparison – All The Differences You Need To Know!

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Specifications (Specs) Sheet Comparison

ModelTranya B530Tranya B530 Pro
Design type Full in-ear
Full in-ear
Dimensions 0.59 x 0.47 x 0.63 inches
3.11 x .1.96 x 1.1 inches
Weight 0.16 ounces
0.17 ounces
IP certification IPX5
Bluetooth version 5.0 5.0
Driver size6mm
Playtime 7 hours
7 hours

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Design and Appearance comparison

Before we talk about the way these two pairs of wireless earbuds work, let’s start the Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro comparison by talking a bit about their design. At first glance, we can see that these are very similar since they all have the very useful and popular full in-ear design, which gives them the opportunity to position themselves in a great way inside the ear, avoiding so there are so many problems when the user is on the move.

Also, and in the case of two earbuds in their original version and their pro version, they are almost identical in terms of dimensions and weight. The Tranya B530 has dimensions of 0.59 x 0.47 x 0.63 inches and a weight of 0.16 ounces, while the Tranya B530 Pro 3.11 x .1.96 x 1.1 inches and a weight of 0.17 ounces, thus being the original version way smaller.

Likewise, these two pairs of wireless earbuds are ergonomic and very light, in addition to being adaptable to any size of the ear since they have sport rubbers of different dimensions. It is worth noting that they are not resistant to scratches and bumps, so you have to be very careful with them. On the other hand, and now talking about how waterproof are them, both pairs of earbuds have an IPX5 sweat-resistant certification, which means that although they are not waterproof as such, they can be used when exercising without any problem.

Now, although they have differences, these two pairs of earbuds have something in common in relation to their design, and that is that both, in addition to having a full in-ear design, have touch-sensitive controls, with which the user can play, pause or change songs, answer calls and much more. Finally, and speaking about their charging cases, both have an oval shape, and both have LED lights on the front to see the percentage of its battery.

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Comfort and Wearing Experience comparison

Now it’s time to talk about the comfort and wearing experience of these earbuds, and something important to clarify here is that, and due to their very different sizes, here we get two completely opposite cases. The Tranya B530 Pro is usually more comfortable in people with ears of medium or large size, while it is preferable that people with small ears use the Tranya B530 since their size is much smaller.

Due to the shape of the earbuds themselves, it is possible that people with small ears will have some problems using the Tranya B530 Pro since they have somewhat robust bodies and they could drop.  

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Hardware Comparison

In relation to this category in our Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro comparison, there is something important to highlight, and it is that both pairs of earbuds have chips made by Qualcomm, although it is not specified which one is specifically, in addition to both having Bluetooth version 5.0. What we do have information about is their driver size, since both pairs of earbuds have a 6mm driver size.

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Connectivity & Compatibility Comparison

Now, talking about their connectivity, and as mentioned before, both pairs feature Bluetooth 5.0. Regarding the range in which they operate, both can operate in a range of around 10 meters. Also, they are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Sound Comparison

As mentioned previously, both pairs of earbuds have a 6mm driver size, and this results in their sound being just the same. This driver size is known to have good results at the sound level, however, that does not happen at the bass level, since the larger the size of the driver, the better it will represent the bass, and 6mm is one of the sizes of smaller drivers in earbuds. Having said that, both pairs are capable of delivering a good sound, but when listening to songs or sounds with a premier bass, it will not be fully appreciated.

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – App Comparison

In relation to this category, neither of these two pairs of earbuds have a special application, since they are controlled through the touch-sensitive controls they have.

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Functions & Features Comparison

Now let’s discuss the functions and features of these earphones. In relation to the functions, in all of these earbuds, there are functions such as voice assistants, quick ambient sound, ambient sound, record a voice memo and volume up and down, all activated with touch on the touch-sensitive controls on the earbuds, as well as reject incoming calls when it rings and end them.

On the other hand, talking about the features, in both of these pairs of earbuds we have things like a built-in microphone, transparency mode, AAC support, wear detection, NFC, a proximity sensor, and much more.

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Microphone & Call Comparison

Speaking of the microphone that is built into these headphones, the reality is that there is not much to say. Both have noise cancellation chips, so they are capable of providing good performance when talking on the phone.

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Battery Comparison

Now, about the battery of these earbuds in this Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro comparison, we see no difference, since both pairs of earbuds have a lifetime of approximately 7 hours. Having said that, these two models take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to fully charge.

On the other hand, in relation to their charging cases, both can be charged in the traditional way, through their charging port.

Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro – Price Comparison

Finally, and to finish this Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro comparison, we will talk about the prices of these earbuds. In the official Tranya online store, the Tranya B530 Pro is priced at $69.99, while the Tranya B530, being the cheapest, is priced at $60.

The Verdict

These two pairs of earbuds were created and launched by the same company, so no surprise they are almost identical, especially in relation to the technical specifications and characteristics they have. With that being said, the biggest differences between these can be found in their physical dimensions and their price.

Go for Tranya B530 if:

  • You want small and light earbuds.
  • You want a cheap pair of earbuds.

Go for Tranya B530 Pro if:

  • You want bigger earbuds.
  • You want a good sound performance.
  • You want a good battery life.

Both pairs of earbuds have points in their favor. The Tranya B530 has a small size and is very lightweight, and has a low price that attracts a lot of attention. Also, the Tranya B530 Pro will be perfect for people looking for a pair of earbuds with a larger size, as well as good battery life. With that being said, at the end of the day, and without a doubt, the best choice will depend on the user and their needs.

We hope you liked this Tranya B530 vs B530 Pro comparison. Anything we forgot to tell? Want to share your experience with the earbuds? Let us know in the comments box.