UNISOC T750 Chipset Released | New Choice for Budget Phones?

UNISOC has just released the latest edition in their chipset lineup called UNISOC T750. The processor is built on the TSMC’s 6nm architecture and has 8 cores. T750 has an extensive list of features it supports, making it a leading choice for every budget and mid-range device manufacturer. The features include support for LPDSR4x memory, UFS 3.1 flash memory, a 64MP camera, FHD+ resolution, and more.

Release Highlights

  • UNISOC T750 is built on TSMC’s 6nm EUV processor technology.
  • The GPU is Mali- G57 MC2.
  • It supports LPDSR4x and UFS 3.1 flash memory for faster performance.
  • The chipset supports a 64MP primary camera, 2K video recording, and EIS anti-video shake for better image and video quality.
  • It supports FHD+ screen resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, and HDR 10+ display for optimal media viewing experience.  

Some Specifications of the UNISOC T750 mobile chipset

The UNISOC T750 has 8 cores in total. The CPU is based on 2 (2.0GHz CortexA76) cores and 6 (1.8Ghz CortexA55) cores. As for the GPU, it comes with MaliG57 MC2. The chipset is based on a 6nm architecture that will help it be efficient.  


The chipset has an extended range of supports. It is a 5G dual carrier enabled, SA and NSA, with dual carrier aggregation technology. Moreover, it has a 6.0 image engine, FHD+ resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, and HDR 10+ capability. All this makes it a good option for optimal viewing on low-budget phones. 

The enhanced camera experience supports 64MP primary camera, 2K video recording, and EIS anti-shake video capability.

What do you think of the newly released chipset, and what phone would you use it? Do you think it will help in making smartphones more accessible and cheaper?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)