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How Do I Use Apps on My Phone to Make Learning Easier?

In the past, using cell phones in class wasn’t welcomed by educators. Many educators back then agreed in their opposition as these gadgets were a distraction to learning and students sometimes used them for cheating.

But today, using cell phones is a necessity, thanks to its exponential increase in computing capacity and ubiquity. Smartphones offer countless possibilities for higher engagement, better understanding, and learning in and outside the classroom. Here are some ways to use apps on your phone for learning to become easier.

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A 6 Way Step To Use Apps on Your Phone To Make Learning Easier

1) To replace your books or computer

Students who follow the “traditional learning methods” often carry with them a bag of books whenever they go to school. But not all students can process knowledge while taking down notes based on the books they read.

By replacing books with your phone, you might find it easier to focus on one thing at a time. Doing this will make your learning experience more engaging and fun. Smartphones today have various platforms and apps. Take advantage of this by using your phone to accomplish assignments using the apps of your choice.

As long as you can create quality work that meets the expected learning outcomes, you can use your phone for your studies. With the capabilities of phones now, you can even create videos, make presentations, collaborate on projects, and more.

Having the freedom to choose your own platform or app for learning will produce results that might exceed the expectations of your teachers. You might discover that learning becomes more enjoyable for you too.

You can also use your phone in place of your computer since it is more efficient and portable. If your teacher allows you to choose your own topic or learning method, you will produce outcomes that might surprise your teachers.

Using your phone, you can bring various materials that you find relevant to the subject at hand. You can either create a research outline or use the research time given to you to complete your tasks. Using your phone is also easier when you collaborate with others to finish projects in school.

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2) To solve various tasks

Education is a continuing process as the experts are constantly thinking of new methods to share knowledge in more interesting ways. This includes giving students various types of activities that will engage them in learning in more innovative ways.

Using phones is one of the more innovative methods that open doors to new learning experiences. Here are some examples of ways you can solve different tasks using apps:

  • Using new methods for learning

Introducing new apps in the educational system has lead to the introduction of new methods of learning too. There are apps that can draw your interest by offering cool features.

For instance, some apps have fun games that will introduce you to a healthier thought process while helping you understand concepts from different perspectives.

  • Enhanced student-teacher communication

Using apps that allow you to communicate with your teachers will help you build a good student-teacher relationship beyond the confines of the school. This will make it easier for you to ask questions to your teachers regarding your lessons in class.

  • Using eBooks and other online resources for studying

Library apps, book search apps, and other online resources are very valuable these days. Phone apps can facilitate your search for the right study materials you need. It will also keep you closer to the study materials while helping you sort all of the information in a more organized manner.

  • Other useful functions

You can also use mobile apps in other school-related activities like making school payments online and learning more about your school. This is a very convenient payment method rather than having to stand in line to pay your fees at school.

Moreover, using attendance management apps allows you to keep track of your students so that your teachers know that you’re attending class every day. With this, both you and your teachers can keep track of attendance accurately.

For quick reference

For most of us, the first and last thing we look at each day is our phone. We perform more than 200 tasks each day and we do 50% or more of these tasks on our phones or computers.

This alone already shows the potential of using mobile for education. If you want to become more participative in your classes, make the most out of your phone by using it as a quick reference to increase your participation.

These days, many students use their phones to search for information that they need right away. We have gotten used to fulfilling our needs right away and this expectation applies to learning too.

As a learner, you can practice your skills or review your lessons quickly by doing a quick online search. Since you always carry your phone with you wherever you go, mobile learning would always be right there for you.

3) To accomplish your work quickly and efficiently

An easy way to accomplish your work efficiently and quickly is by using your phone as a research tool. You can connect to the internet, then search for information from reliable sources.

You can also take advantage of class-wide text messaging when working on projects with other students. You can even use your phone to note any ideas for your essays when you think of them.

Apart from all of these things, you can even use your phone to reach out to whenever you need help with essays or other written coursework. All you have to do is open the site on your phone and hire a professional to do your essay for you. That way, you can get a high score in a short amount of time.

If you have any problems with focusing on your assignments, you can use your phone to staying on track by using its stopwatch feature. Set the timer for a specific amount of time where you will focus on one task.

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When the timer goes off, take a short break before starting a new task. Using the timer allows you to concentrate while working while giving you something to look forward to – a break when your timer goes off.

4) To gain access by scanning QR codes

Using QR codes offers instant access to audio, video contact information, and other important information. Most phones today already come with a QR code scanner. If yours doesn’t have one, you can download a free QR code scanner app easily.

Although creating QR codes takes more effort, you will enjoy the challenge of learning how to make them. Your teachers can even use QR codes to generate answer keys for your assessments. This will allow you to self-check your work after completing it.

In addition, you can link QR codes to educational YouTube clips or websites that will provide you with the information you need. Many QR code enthusiasts love to use these in scavenger hunts and other fun games.

If your teacher uses a QR code for a game like a scavenger hunt, you will choose the right answer to a question or use it to solve a riddle. If you succeed in selecting the right answer, the QR code will lead you to the next riddle or question. This is an example of an engaging activity using QR codes.

5) To record lectures and take down notes

Many students find it hard to keep track of their notes while giving their full attention to their teachers in class. This is another situation where the recording functionality of phones comes in handy.

With a smartphone, you can record the discussion or lecture, then listen to it later so that you can understand it more. With these recordings, you won’t miss any important details. Just ask your professor first if it’s okay to record the lectures.

Apart from recording, you can take advantage of mobile technology in e-learning by using your phone to take down notes. You will find many apps that can help you get organized when taking down notes, then you can store these in a safe and convenient location.

Some examples of apps to store important files on your phone are Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. These apps can also sync with your computer. Then you don’t have to recall if you did your work on your computer or phone because you will find your work on both devices.

6) To further your education

If you are the type of student who isn’t satisfied when learning inside the classroom or you are the type of student who struggles, thus needs more exposure, you can use your phone to help you out.

Your phone will provide you with instant access to social studies, civics, English, math, psychology, science, foreign languages, and virtually any other subjects in media like newspapers, journals, podcasts, online news websites, and more.

While it is true that you can also access all these on your desktop computer, using your phone offers the added bonus of using your spare time to learn whether you need to or you just can’t get enough of learning.

There are countless ways to use your smartphone and you can use it anywhere. For instance, while riding a bus, you can search for an article about the Civil War that you need to summarize for your homework. Then you can take notes using some kind of notepad app.

If you need to practice learning a foreign language, you can listen to podcasts on your way to your dentist’s appointment. Smartphones are particularly useful for learning a foreign language because it is too difficult to learn a new language without listening to how native speakers talk often.

More convenient

With the invention of smartphones, the traditional methods of learning now seem “old-fashioned.” This is because traditional methods don’t allow teachers or students to move away from the repetitive learning patterns of upright and restricted book learning. Unfortunately, this eliminates the engagement factor.

Technology through apps will help you when you’re searching for newness in the learning world. Aside from the appeal of novelty, apps also add elements of involvement and fun to the learning process.

Through puzzles, games, and other challenging activities, app learning will stimulate your brain cells to metabolize input and actively and unleash a new perspective. Another advantage of mobile apps is that, unlike schools, you can access them anytime.

You don’t need to worry about schedules and you can also learn no matter where you are. App learning isn’t time-bound, which makes it more relaxed. By now, you should all know that using the internet too much or talking on the phone for hours aren’t the best ways to use your phone.

This is where apps will prove their worth because learning with apps is one of the best choices in terms of using your free time productively. If you have plenty of free time, you can use this to learn something new using apps. You will feel entertained without wasting your precious time.


Learning on your smartphone goes beyond the confines of your school. You can use your phone to help you become a lifelong learner as it will assist you in your assignments and work while enhancing your communication skills.