Vivo Announced 120W Super FlashCharge: 4000mAh from 0 to 50% in 5 minutes

A couple of days back (25 June .2019), on “Vivo Innovation Day “ Vivo announced their all-new blazing fast charging technology, called as “Vivo Flashcharge 120W Charging. It uses the charge pump technology to support 20V/6A charging specifications. The blazing fast technology only takes 5 minutes to charge 50 % of your massive 4000 mAh battery. While it takes only 13 minutes to completely charge your phone.


What Are The Current Fast Charging Solutions?

Nowadays, some kind of fast charging technology is present in every phone and has become a necessity. Be it the Oppo ‘s Super VOOC, which produces 50V and can charge 3400mAh of battery in 35 minutes. OnePlus’s dash charging also takes about 35 minutes to charge its 3300mAh battery. Xiaomi also released their new Super Charge Turbo technology which will be an opponent to Vivo’s. As it can charge the phone with 100V which will charge the 4000 mAh in only 17 minutes. But still, it is 4 minutes slow as compared to the Vivo’s FlashCharge.

VIVO Super FLASHCHARGE 120W Charging

But this new technology can change everything in the market with this rapid charging.

Final Verdict

Vivo has officially announced this technology  Vivo Flashcharge 120W Charging, but it is still in process. It would face some hurdles such as consumer’s safety. This amount of voltage, when given to a mobile device, can have some bad effects. Also, they have to make special batteries for this kind of fast charging. Fast Charging can also cause your phone to heat up at a very fast rate. As the ordinary batteries would only last for 4 circles. So, we have to wait until this technology matures. So, let’s wait and see how long this technology takes to reach our phones.

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