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Vivo NEX Geekbench Score Leaked – Running on Snapdragon 710

On May 24, Qualcomm announced the new Snapdragon 700 series and released the first SoC from the family known as ‘Snapdragon 710’. The new family covers the higher mid-end processor. Xiaomi Mi 8 SE is the first phone to feature Snapdragon 710. From the leaked Vivo NEX Geekbench score, it appears that Vivo NEX will be the second one to feature it.

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According to the leaked Vivo NEX Geekbench Score, Vivo NEX runs on Android 8.1. It integrates 4GB RAM and runs on a Qualcomm octa-core processor running at a frequency of 1.71GHz. Vivo NEX Geekbench scored leaked is:

  • 1975 points on single-core performance
  • 5833 points on multi-core performance

Concerning the single-core performance, it’s 1600 points more than Snapdragon 660.

Vivo NEX Geekbench Score Laked

According to the information currently available, Vivo NEX is a mass production version of the Vivo APEX concept flagship. It features the innovative true full-screen design, under-screen fingerprint reader, and a hidden liftable front-facing camera. Of course, Vivo is preparing to feature a Snapdragon 845 inside Vivo NEX to cover the high-end market as well.

Vivo NEX Price leaked

It is reported that Vivo NEX is expected to release on June 12.

Furthermore, one must also note that Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Vivo NEX aren’t the only flagships to feature Snapdragon 710. Before mid of 2018, there are more two flagships featuring it according to the leaked database on Geekbench 4 scoring even more than Vivo NEX Geekbench score. Those flagships are already in mass production and waiting for a specific day and date to release.

Snapdragon 710 featuring phones

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Update (6/7/2018): Vivo NEX S (high-variant with SD 845) was just spotted on Geekbench. Here’s the score:

Vivo NEX S GeekBench Score