Vivo TWS 3 earbuds

Vivo TWS 3 series Earbuds Are Official – World’s First True Hi-Fi TWS

On November 22, 2022, Vivo’s world’s first true Hi-Fi wireless headphones TWS 3 series were officially released. Ten years ago, Vivo transplanted professional Hi-Fi performance into compact cell phones for the first time, creating the mobile Hi-Fi era; ten years later, Vivo broke through again by debuting the full-link wireless true Hi-Fi technology in the industry, achieving true Hi-Fi sound quality on TWS headphones weighing only a few grams, which is an important strategic upgrade of Vivo’s acoustic track. The new Vivo TWS 3 series will lead the industry into a new era of wireless Hi-Fi.

As Vivos ten-year work in the Hi-Fi industry, the Vivo TWS 3 series still focuses on sound quality, providing users with an original sound-oriented listening experience. The aptX Lossless transmission makes the Vivo TWS 3 series officially open the era of wireless lossless sound quality. the equipped 12.2mm super-sized unit injects excellent power into the good sound; The details are richer. Finally, under the adjustment of the Vivo Golden Ear Acoustic Laboratory, the Vivo TWS 3 series can provide a truly authentic sound of nature.

Vivo TWS 3 earbuds

Not only that, the Vivo TWS 3 series can provide up to 49dB dual-core professional noise cancellation for a more tranquil user experience. Meanwhile, Vivo TWS 3 series also supports up to 40 hours of battery life, 55ms low latency for games, body temperature monitoring, wake-up-free intelligent voice control, multi-device dual connection, pressure-sensitive control, and other features, which greatly enhance the user experience.

Vivo TWS 3 earbuds highlights and price

In terms of price, Vivo TWS 3 is priced at 499 yuan and TWS 3 Pro is priced at 999 yuan. Vivo TWS 3 will be available for purchase on November 30, with 50 yuan off the purchase of the phone, and the first purchase will enjoy i music membership for one month; Vivo TWS 3 Pro will be available for purchase on December 6, with 100 yuan off the purchase of the phone, and the first purchase will enjoy i music membership for one month.

Full-link wireless Hi-Fi to listen to the original sound quality

The Vivo TWS 3 series is the first to support the new generation of aptX Lossless transmission, combined with the deep optimization of the mobile phone, the first time to achieve the full-link CD-level lossless audio transmission, which marks the official opening of the era of wireless lossless sound quality. With aptX Lossless transmission, the Vivo TWS 3 series can achieve a maximum bitstream of 1.2Mbps, which is nearly 4 times higher than the traditional low bitstream transmission, even CD music can maintain normal transmission after slight lossless compression, avoiding the loss of music details. At the same time, the Vivo TWS 3 series is also deeply optimized for the mobile side, through the high bandwidth transmission technology, and the maximum expansion of Bluetooth bandwidth up to 2 times, to ensure the stability of a lossless transmission experience. In addition, aptX Lossless supports up to studio-grade ultra-high resolution 24bit/96kHz audio transmission with richer sound details.

Vivo TWS 3 earbuds

The Vivo TWS 3 series is equipped with an exclusive self-developed ultra-wide frequency unit and has an extensive sound range, with low frequencies down to 5Hz and high frequencies up to 40kHz, achieving a frequency response two times wider than that of standard units, and a sound field comparable to that of dual-unit headphones. The 12.2mm large size unit with a more precise speaker magnetic system design can bring a larger amplitude range and majestic power. Dynamic performance at loud volume and tiny details can be presented in the original sound.

Unlike the previous TWS, Vivo TWS 3 Pro has a built-in independent professional audio chip, which can significantly improve the audio decoding ability to achieve Hi-Fi level balanced decoding with full-link noise distortion as low as 0.002%, accurately presenting the rich details of the music. At the same time, Vivo TWS 3 series continue to be gated by Vivo Golden Ear Acoustic Lab, after hundreds of rounds of tuning, which can ensure that each instrument’s tone is clearly identifiable, providing a true degree of reproduction of the sound of heaven.

Vivo TWS 3 earbuds Hi Fi

Finally, Vivo TWS 3 series adopts intelligent computational acoustics, which can match exclusive sound models according to different human ear hearing curves and ear canal structure characteristics, and dynamically adjusts according to the user’s wearing situation, virtually creating a clinical immersive listening experience, bringing users a new listening experience with individual immersion.

The Vivo TWS 3 supports Deep-Live 3D panoramic audio, a professional spatial sound field audio engine created by Golden Ear Acoustic Lab, which can restore ordinary left and right stereo and multi-channel audio sources to match the original scene of 3D panoramic listening, allowing users to experience immersive listening effects, with each song being a live version. vivo TWS 3 Pro, on the other hand, supports 360° surround space audio and a real-time head tracking function to establish a direct spatial relationship with the sound and adjust the sound field position in real time around the head, with the information of multi-channel sources in Youku, Akiyon and other APPs, it can bring users immersive audio and video experience.

49dB dual-core professional noise reduction to shut down the stubborn noise

Compared with the previous TWS, Vivo TWS 3 in the ultra-wide frequency sound unit, noise reduction arithmetic doubled the chip platform support, the maximum noise reduction depth of up to 48dB, and comprehensive noise reduction capacity has been improved to 1.8 times the previous level, and can effectively eliminate wind noise, human voice and other more noise, and can adapt to environmental noise and changes in wearing conditions, intelligent adjustment of quiet and comfortable degree. For typical daily scenes, Vivo TWS 3 provides three noise reduction modes: deep, regular, and light: the intelligent dynamic noise reduction algorithm supports dynamic detection of environmental noise and changes in wearing status, and can adaptively match the most appropriate noise reduction mode, taking into account safety and comfort to provide users with just the right noise reduction experience.

Vivo TWS 3 earbuds Noise Reduction

As for Vivo TWS 3 Pro, thanks to its built-in independent professional audio chip and the new generation of Qualcomm S5 flagship audio chip, the new three high signal-to-noise ratio digital microphones are supported by a strong noise cancellation architecture, creating another breakthrough in the ceiling of the flagship noise cancellation experience, with a maximum noise cancellation depth of up to 49db and an average noise cancellation depth of 20% higher than that of Vivo TWS 3. For outdoor scenes, Vivo TWS 3 Pro especially adds a wind noise cancellation algorithm, allowing users to focus on the music without being disturbed by the whistling wind sound. In addition, Vivo TWS 3 Pro also adds a new auxiliary listening mode, which can monitor the sound that cannot be heard by the ear and make volume compensation when the ambient sound is transmitted so that the sound that cannot be heard can be clearly entered into the ear.

In addition, depending on the triple microphone system, the Vivo TWS 3 series becomes the first wireless headset that supports full-scene HD recording: users can not only use it to make clear calls in noisy environments but also realize Vlog 3D binaural recording, leading a new experience of wireless voice.

New records for battery life and delay, non-sensing body temperature monitoring, and a comprehensive flagship-level interactive experience

Vivo TWS 3 series headphones strive to bring users a more enjoyable and convenient experience. Continuity, Vivo TWS 3 series is equipped with Qualcomm’s new energy-efficient Bluetooth platform, and power consumption decreased by 20% compared to the previous, with a customized large-capacity battery and excellent power management, Vivo TWS 3 in the case of noise cancellation off, the headset can reach 10 hours of single duration, with a charging case can reach 40 hours, which is currently Vivo’s longest duration TWS headset products, achievements Vivo TWS longest endurance record. At the same time, with noise cancellation turned off, Vivo TWS 3 can last 4.5 hours after 15 minutes of charging, so users can completely say goodbye to power anxiety.

Vivo TWS 3 earbuds battery life

Thanks to the new Bluetooth 5.3, the Vivo TWS 3 series supports the new LE Audio Bluetooth audio technology with universal LC3 audio coding, which not only provides high-quality wireless transmission during gaming but also has a low full-link latency of 55ms, truly achieving synchronized audio and video, helping users win the final round.

At the same time, Vivo TWS 3 Pro also cooperates with professional medical machinery manufacturers, equipped with two customized special temperature sensors, which can realize high precision temperature measurement in both ears: users can quickly monitor their body temperature with just one key after putting on the headset, and support non-sensitive continuous cycle monitoring, which will promptly remind when the body temperature is too high or too low, and always guard the user’s body temperature health status.

Finally, Vivo TWS 3 series also supports multi-device dual connection, pressure-sensitive control, and other functions. Connected with a Vivo cell phone can achieve the tacit cooperation of hardware and software, can realize a key flash connection, intelligent wear detection, Jove voice, find headphones, and other functions, to create a more wonderful wireless experience for users.

Vivo TWS 3 pro earbuds

4.98g lightweight body brings comfortable and senseless wearing

In order to make users’ wearing more comfortable, Vivo TWS 3 series achieves a lighter body design without sacrificing sound quality and battery life and provides users with a comfortable and senseless wearing experience in the headset shape, earcups, and battery compartment. Through highly customized components and a precision assembly process, Vivo TWS 3 has achieved a 30% increase in space utilization and weighs only 4.98g per ear, a 6% decrease in volume compared to the previous, further reducing the user’s wearing burden.

The Vivo TWS 3 series uses new medical-grade material earmuffs and offers 3 sizes and earbud fit detection, allowing users to choose according to their ear canal size while still having a comfortable and healthy wearing experience. At the same time, Vivo TWS 3 series also readjusted the battery compartment structure, no matter what angle you can easily take out the headphones, after taking out the headphones can be worn without turning, and the whole process is as smooth and natural as breathing.

Vivo TWS 3 earbuds earmuffs

In terms of color scheme, Vivo TWS 3 offers two types of appearance, namely, listening to the sea blue and moonlight white, which correspond to two textures of matte and high gloss respectively; TWS 3 Pro offers two color schemes for users to choose from, namely, blueprint and stay white. The Blueprint colorway, in particular, creates a consistent mirror shine gradient texture on the TWS 3Pro’s charging case and headphones through vacuum plating, spraying, and other multiple 5-step processes, making it a sight to see when worn and in the hand.

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